G Data Antivirus: Oldest, Trusted & The Best Antivirus!

G Data Antivirus: Oldest, Trusted & The Best Antivirus!

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G Data Antivirus can be considered as the grand-daddy among Antivirus software. Considering virus threats and data security, G Data developed world’s first antivirus in 1987. With over 30 years of expertise and innovation, 500 employees are continuously working on security of small, medium and large size companies, millions of private customers and giant size infrastructures. G Data is a Germany based company headquartered at Bochum works hand in hand with German criminal authorities to benefit them with their knowledge and research. G Data protect consumers against 600 million malicious files with their wide range of security solutions and 24/7, 365-day support.

G Data Family

There are 3 main versions of G Data security software. G Data Antivirus is the most basic version of security providing antivirus protection followed by G Data Internet Security and G Data Total Security.

G Data Product Series

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System Requirements

OS: Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7 | RAM: Min 2 GB of RAM | Processor: 32bit OR 64bit system

*Working internet connection is required to install the product and get software updates

G Data Antivirus - Full Specifications

Best Virus Protection Shield for your PC

G Data Antivirus Logo

Virus Scan

 G Data Antivirus is Intelligent and Trusted for highest detection rates with latest technology for virus removal.

G Data Antivirus Logo

Behavior Monitoring

G Data protects you against every new & unknown malware. G DATA Antivirus detects threats by system’s noticeable behavior.

G Data Antivirus Logo

Email Scanning

G Data scans every incoming email or attachment for distrustful content. Any danger is detected before it can affect your PC.

G Data Antivirus Logo

Exploit Protection

G Data Antivirus protects your PC against any criminal exploitation through security holes in MS Office applications, PDF Readers, or any other file.

G Data Antivirus Logo

G DATA BankGuard

G Data’s patented technology safeguards your browser against misuse by data thieves. It protects you with secured online banking and shopping.

G Data Antivirus Logo


G Data leaves no space for extortion Trojans. It stops criminals encoding / decoding your files.

G Data Antivirus Logo

USB Keyboard Guard

G Data Antivirus protects you against deployed USB devices that pretend to be USB Sticks, Wireless Keyboards, External Hard Drives but are actually tricking devices to steal your information.

G Data Antivirus Logo

Automatic Update Management

G Data products automatically updates new releases and product updates safely and silently without hampering system performance.

G Data Antivirus - Highlights

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G Data Setup

Setting up G Data is quite a simple and easy-going process. Once you download the product from the site, and initiate the setup process, it will confirm your native language to proceed further.

G Data Antivirus - Setup

After confirming the setup language, it will confirm if you wish to install a custom version or a regular version to give you options to choose which component you want to install on your computer.

G Data Antivirus - Setup1

Downloading setup components takes a lot of time as the file size is more than 300MB. You may take a break and enjoy a cup of coffee meanwhile.

G Data Antivirus - Setup2

Once the setup is complete, it will ask you to restart the computer to complete the installation and configure the program for the first time use and initiate the scanning process.

G Data Antivirus - Setup3

On restarting, the G Data console will appear for the first time to adapt your scan settings. Security Center gives you a lot of real-time options to enable / disable and customize any specific service.

G Data Antivirus - Console

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Virus Protection window gives you another set of options to Run / Pause / Stop a virus scan, schedule a virus scan, check memory and AutoStart options, check specific file, folder or directory, scan any removable media or check for rootkit files.

G Data Antivirus - Console 1

AutoStart Manager allows you to customize autostart settings to bifurcate between programs to start with/without delay during system startup process.

G Data Antivirus - Console 2

The setting console enables you with numerous settings for individual tasks. You can configure settings for antivirus real-time protection, manual virus check, updates, web protection, Email check and automatic virus checks.

G Data Antivirus - Console 3

Final Verdict

G Data Antivirus is one of the most accurate and trusted malware protections for your computer. It is loaded with bonus features like capable spam filter and tuner feature which lifts it above the antivirus league. If we ignore some performance impact as it might slow down your PC, this can be counted as a demanding product for system protection and security features.

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