GaxCoin: Ready for a Cryptocurrency Revolution?

GaxCoin: Ready for a Cryptocurrency Revolution?


Cryptocurrency world and all the activities related to its operations revolve around the core value of Blockchain, i.e. fast, transparent, visible, and economic. Unfortunately, these indicators point towards a general situation that can’t be ignored security.

To overcome this situation a multifunctional team was setup by various companies who have been studying the question of security for many years. This team is known as GAXClub and it runs a partnership with Trezor (first company to develop a physical cryptocurrency wallet that can be kept in the pocket.)

This means not even the best hacker in the world can hack without owing physical wallet and the Seeds. In case you lose Trezor then also no can know or transfer its content. Plus, if the owner loses both physical wallet and seeds then no one can ever restore its content not in the parent company.

This is the fundamental characteristic of GaxCoin Security.

Now that we know the fundamentals behind GaxCoin let’s move further and understand about GaxCoin in detail.

What is GaxCoin?

GaxCoin (the value in which exchanges are made on GaxClub Ecosystem). The idea of GaxCoin was conceived by combining and simplifying process of purchasing services and products in the global market be it travel/holiday, training, freelance work, gambling, or casino.

GaxCoin, a Crypto-Marketplace designed specifically for the end user.

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What is GaxClub Ecosystem?

A decentralized Peer-to-peer platform based on Blockchain that aims to offer instant connection to worldwide services. A platform for exchange of most services, all thanks to Ethereum Blockchain and the Interplanetary File System (IPFS). As they allow the community and platform to interact with one another without a third-party software.

GaxClub is trying to build a scalable platform that can bring together the real and cryptocurrency world, allowing users to market their service/ learn how to hire freelancers, help travel industry to grow, exchange theatre or gym subscriptions and much more.

Characteristics of GaxCoin Club Ecosystem

How Gaxcoin Powers the Ecosystem

GaxCoin Club Platform is a multi-functional ecosystem that powers various services. Using it you can perform following things:

  • Book holidays, buy travel packages and discover destinations of the world or stay/visit luxury resorts in tropical countries.
  • Hire a worker, find a job or purchase courses and tutorials to advance job skills and grow professionally in your chosen industry.
  • Sell whatever you want to or whatever you like.
  • Gambling and casino.

What is GaxClub Booking Platform?

GaxClub booking platform helps you book for all the services offered by the platform. Using the booking platform, you can negotiate on the rates, have transparency in the money flow, can earn and use loyalty program and much more.

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GaxClub Booking Platform can be explained in 7 simple points.

  • Rates: With the help of Blockchain technology and Smart Contracts it will be easier for the user to find and negotiate on rates. Also, they will be able to establish a global system for the travel industry to make traveling less expensive and easy.
  • Loyalty: Blockchain Technology will make industry know new ways to use loyal points and refund system. This can be used by the clients for all sellers in the sector.
  • Security: Blockchain Technology works to reduce the fraud by identifying any modification done in a node. For this reason, the process is more secure and user friendly.
  • Identity: Identity of the traveler can be saved and used on other transactions. This allows partner companies to provide personalized services to their clients.
  • Internet of Things: Blockchain Technology is not only connected to cryptocurrency it is connected to Internet of Things too. Using this technology in the travelling industry will make possible to keep track of things like his passport, suitcase, and others.
  • Overbooking: As Blockchain technology offers high level of transparency and prevents double expenses overbooking problem can be eliminated in the travel sector.
  • Transparency: Blockchain items never change and the money flowing through the life of the travel can be sent to anyone making the process transparent to everyone.

All this information shows us how important GaxCoin can be in the future for travel, teaching and other industries. The group says by 2020 they will implement the agreement with CryptoPay, integrating the GaxCoin world with the works of trade using Credit Cards based on Crypto.

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