Get To Know: If You Are A Crypto Addict?

Get To Know: If You Are A Crypto Addict?


Every human being has their own field of interest. No individual is same when it comes to interests and addiction to them. Some of them might be addicted to sports, some to drugs, some to some creative art and many more.

However, we can divide these interests into two that are good and bad. But, who decided that what is good and what is bad?

It’s the nature and the consequences, who decides and states what is good and what’s not.

And, same is the case with cryptocurrencies, an add-on in the list of good things. Yes, cryptocurrencies have taken a new place in people’s mind and is deadly addictive for some. With the ever-growing tech and more profitable outcomes, cryptocurrency is the new addiction for people. They trade, they invest, they make profit and then what’s next? Next is addiction, because winning and making profits on trades is all we need to get addicted to something.

Similarly, there are many users out there who are addicted to cryptocurrencies and trading but aren’t aware of the fact that they are addicted.

So, today in this article, we will be talking about some of the signs and symptoms which proves that you are deeply into cryptocurrencies and are addicted to it insanely. Let’s have a look at these signs, which might prove that you are an addict.

1. Keep Constant Check On Cryptocurrency Portfolio

Keep Constant Check On Cryptocurrency Portfolio

Are you keeping a constant check on your crypto portfolio? Well, if you are then it’s a sign that you might be addicted to it. This shows curiosity of how much you are excited to know what’s next, for this you keep refreshing window several times to keep a check on your holdings. You may have several mobile applications installed to track holding when not available at desk. Also, some people has this tendency, which is known as FOMO that stands for Fear Of Missing Out. It is the state of anxiety in which a miner/trader constantly worries about missing out on the latest information or price value. This tendency is one of the major signs that you are an addict.

2. Stay Online For Hours To Get Latest Crypto News

Yes, if you are avoiding all the other content and just focusing on Blockchain and cryptocurrency related content, then you are an addict. Because this is only what you will look for every now & then, you can’t keep your eyes off the news and updates, so that you can secure and invest your money in a suitable way. Basically, you stay updated and keep track of the market so that you know what’s coming and going, and where to buy or sell your holdings. As we all know, it is very important to study about market ups and downs, but some people just get rekt even after doing the study.

Rekt is a shortened term for wrecked for the moment when the value of the Bitcoin fluctuates and investors then suffer a loss.

3. Lie About Holdings To Close Ones

Lie About Holdings To Close Ones

Lol. This sign is one of the main, which most of the people tend to show. There are people, who after making a profit or after taking a loss, doesn’t share with anyone. When you ask them about their transactions, they might share the expressions but not the exact amount and some of them doesn’t even share anything at all.  This makes them more confident and smart, as they think by hiding details they would make more earnings, but who knows, if they lost too.

Fun Fact: There are even cases of divorces due to Bitcoin and trading. You can further read on about Bitcoin Divorce here.

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4. CoinMarketCap – A Necessity

CoinMarketCap – A Necessity

This is the most used cryptocurrency tool by investors and traders. Well, those who don’t know, CoinMarketCap is a data center for crypto market, where you can buy, sell, and exchange several coins & tokens. And, if you are using this platform constantly, and making trades based on every info and update on it, then you are on track of complete addiction. Make sure you don’t believe everything online and have legit sources before making any transaction.

5. No Time For Other Projects

No Time For Other Projects

Getting no time for other projects and tasks? Office work pending? And, if this is just because of you spending too much time in checking out the market, and putting too much attention to cryptocurrency related trades, then congratulations, you are a crypto addict. Making no time for other priority tasks, and giving all your time in one thing, definitely shows that you are addicted to that particular thing.

Fun Fact: For crypto and Bitcoin addicts, there is even a hospital located in Scotland, which organizes special private therapy sessions for crypto trading addicts, and also trains and assists them to live without trading.

However, this addiction is rare and difficult to spot, still there are many out there who are suffering from this severe and rare addiction of crypto trading, but aren’t aware of it. So, read the above given signs which will help you in knowing whether you are an cryptocurrency trading addict or not.

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