Newsletter_ Google Rolls Out Android P Beta 3 & Instagram Resurrects Windows 10 Mobile

Newsletter_ Google Rolls Out Android P Beta 3 & Instagram Resurrects Windows 10 Mobile



“The technology you use impresses no one. The experience you create with it is everything.” ~ Sean Gerety

Google Releases Android P Beta 3

Google introduces new Android P Beta for developers.

What makes Beta 3 popular?

The new update comes with final APIs and brings significant level of upgrades for users including the Home screen. As Google says, the latest Android P beta 3 focuses on “latest bug fixes and optimizations for stability and polish.”

Beta 3 is close to what users will get as the final version of Android P launching this fall. Also, it offers more freedom to developers.

What new Android P beta 3 offers? 

It brings new emojis with support to gender-neutral emojis for the family, couples, skateboard, etc. Besides, the security and location icons on the Pixel 2 XL, of Google Play Protect, of Find My Device and Security Update will change to green color. Plus, if some security features are disabled or aren’t updated the icon color will change to red or orange.

Apart from these changes, other modifications include, name change of download apps to Files; the date will now be displayed underneath time in notification shade. Besides, user will now get a new quick reply feature for bundled notifications and Recent menu will consist of a “Clear all” button.

Smartphones eligible for the Android P public beta?

Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 Xl, Essential Phones, OnePlus 6, Sony Xperia XZ2, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, Nokia 7 Plus and Oppo R15 Pro.

Requirements to download the update?

Users need to be connected to a WiFi or mobile data should be enabled to download the update. The update is around 300 MB plus in size.

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Instagram for Windows 10 Tablets gets updated

A new batch of features added to Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile

What is the big update?

The new Instagram update brings new and much awaited ‘Type’ mode feature for Windows 10 mobile users. It is 74 MB in size and is available in version 41.1760.62502.0. The new feature include Type mode, Stop-Motion mode, various video modes and the possibility to send a choice of ‘replay’ or ‘view once’ media.

What users can do with Type mode?

With new type mode, users can type whatever text they want to on a colorful background using different fonts. They just need to swipe right on the camera and get going. The font styles they will get to use are: Neon, Modern, Strong and Typewriter.

Besides, user can send disappearing photos to each other in messages, or allow replays of photos so friends can remix photos and videos with texts and drawings.

What users can do with Type mode

What users can do with Type mode-1

What are the others features?

Other features introduced are Stop-Motion mode, that allows user to take snapshots and combine them to create a single video. Also, the version will allow users to share Instagram stories with others via the app. Besides, users will also be able to see the new threaded-style comments interface and some overall UI improvements around the app.

Other options user get?

Users can make use of various options provided in the latest update while sending disappearing photos or videos. If they want that the photo or video should only be seen once they can use view it once, for multiple time can use allow replays.

This option allows friends to “remix” photos and videos by adding drawings, stickers, or text, and send them back. Like Snapchat, but with a little more tweak.

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What is the rumor about the update?

At various places, including app store content the text describes this update is for Windows tablets. This can be a hint that says that the update and future ones are primarily designed for future Windows 10 on ARM devices rather than the dead Windows 10 Mobile platform. This explains why the app is bit buggy even after the update.

The latest update for Instagram is available via the Microsoft Store now.

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