Have A Merry Crypto Christmas With These Cryptocurrency Inspired Gifts

Have A Merry Crypto Christmas With These Cryptocurrency Inspired Gifts


The year has been a great one for investor who patiently waited and invested in cryptocurrency. For those who invested in the beginning of the year, have all the reasons to name this festival as crypto Christmas. With great boom and success, digital currencies have made their place in the investment lists of many. Although, not everyone got lucky in the the phase of huge rise and fall, it still got a considerable praises around the world. So, if you know someone who’s deeply into cryptocurrencies and blockchain, there are some very interesting gifts, which they can never forget.

Cryptocurrency Inspired Gifts

Today, we’re going to suggest some amazing cryptocurrency inspired gifts to help you have a merry crypto Christmas:

1. CrytoKitties:

CryptoKitties is one of the best blockchain based gift that you can offer. It is based on collectible, adorable and breedable kitties. These cats are unique and cannot be replicated, snatched or destroyed. Cryptokitties is among the first game based on Blockchain technology like Bitcoin and Etherium. Though BTC and ETH are cryptocurrencies but CryptoKitties are cryptocollectibles. It means, you can buy, sell and even trade you CryptoKitty like other currencies.


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2. Crypto Art:

If you’re looking for something aesthetic and that can be functional too, Crypto Arts should be your choice. Crypto Art is a form of Paper Wallet, where you buy your digital currency and print it on a paper. Crypto Art is one of the most secure way of holding your Bitcoins as you can take the finest art print and add the physical value to it in the form of BTC code. It is also helpful in the case you lose your laptop or mobile, it doesn’t let you lose your investments.

Crypto Art

3. Crypto Steel:

If your friend keeps Bitcoins in a cold wallet (offline), Crypto Steel is a perfect gift idea. It is a sleek hardware case that can store 96 digits of any code and passwords. The real worth of Crypto Steel is felt in a situation of forbidden situations like natural calamity, fire or earthquakes. When everything goes irreversible, you still have your worth stored safely and accessible through these securely stored passwords.

Crypto Steel

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4. Crypto Card:

If you’re not much into digital currency and have little knowledge about it, Crypto Card is something you may gift. The Crypto Card is another paper wallet that adds monetary value to your feelings. Many websites are offering the Crypto Cards. You may just visit and get a Crypto Card of your preferred currency.

Crypto Card

5. The joy of giving:

If you have made a considerable amount of profit, out of which you can afford to spread joy to those who’re in need, there’s nothing greater. There’re many organizations and trusts, who accept cryptocurrencies in the form of charity. You may find many of them online and sprinkle some happiness to those who can’t afford.

The joy of giving

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Overall, if you really want to gift someone something related to cryptocurrency, you are not going to run out of ideas. There’re many more things which go well along with festivals and blockchain. You may select any one of these and surprise your friend like never before.

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