How Blockchain And Cognitive Computing Will Boost IoT?

How Blockchain And Cognitive Computing Will Boost IoT?


If we look at the groundbreaking technologies, Blockchain and Cognitive Computing top the list. We all know that Blockchain is getting implemented in almost every facet of our life, but what is Cognitive Computing and how does it concern us?



The goal of Cognitive Computing is to,“simulate human thought processes in a computerized model with the self-learning algorithms that take data mining, Natural Language Processing, pattern recognition, etc. in to use”.  Basically, it is working on mimicking the way human brain works. We cannot deny that the computers are able to outperform us easily in a few things, but in some tasks they fail miserably. The irony is that these tasks can be easily accomplished by humans.

If we look at what Cognitive Computing is trying to do, it is basically teaching your system to “think,” via deep learning.  For those who don’t know, Deep Learning allows Cognitive Computers to learn and get adapted as they receive new data, and they don’t simply execute logic-based commands as traditional computers do.

On the other hand, Blockchain can be defined as a new system for storing huge chunks of information and processing transactions. It was initially created for the distribution of Bitcoin, the world’s leading cryptocurrency, but later was expanded for other uses as well.

It is being predicted that when the Blockchain technology will be combined with Cognitive Computing, IoT will get powerful. But how is this possible? Well, we cannot say much because we are on the initial level of unleashing the power of Blockchain and Cognitive Computing and thus no remarks can be made with such scarce knowledge. But we can discuss about the possibilities though!

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What Will Happen When These Two Technologies Will Come Together?

Although it’s still in the testing phase, yet the research and development team of several industries is convinced that using interconnected devices can actually help them automate and upgrade their working process. However, they have not denied that there are currently some issues in scaling and providing adequate security to the existing systems.

If we talk specifically about IBM Watson, it has already integrated into a platform for IoT, and thus opening a whole new horizon for businesses to make good use of the data they have collect using these devices. The reason behind this is that  IoT devices are capable enough to collect data from all over the world, but the majority of their collection is “dark.” This means that it just gets stored, but isn’t used for anything. However, with active involvement of  Cognitive computing which has the ability to process this data in ways we can’t, this valuable information that can be used for something meaningful such as in strategic planning and performance measurement.



You might be wondering how Blockchain will fit into this scenario? Well, it will be the one which will scale and help in securing the IoT devices. We know that IoT can be quite sensitive, and last thing an organization wants is a data breach. With Blockchain, creating logs for any context, detailed information about anomalies, their break down, how and when these problems occurred, etc., can be found out without any hassles. 

Does IoT Really Needs Cognitive Computing And Blockchain?

It is estimated that by 2020, there will be approximately 30 billion internet connected devices. With current technology for security , we will never be able to cope if we don’t take help from the emerging technologies like Cognitive Computing and Blockchain. By harnessing dark data and by letting emerging technologies take over, we can abundant advantage.



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It’s not IoT that needs Blockchain and Cognitive Computing, it is us. We can automate and monitor several systems and obtain greater optimization along with improved security by using these. We hope that all three of these technologies grow and help us accomplish the advancement that we are looking for!

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