How Blockchain Can Shape Your Career

How Blockchain Can Shape Your Career


Now that technology has changed the way you used to transact, it also has created a lot of new jobs. In early 90s, when people used to say that technology would invade to vanish all the jobs, it seems highly unlikely with current scenario. It is easily witnessed that innovation and technology are just making things easier, but the manpower required is almost the same or may have increased. Technology cannot work on its own and human beings are one of the most important elements to keep it working.

Ever since blockchain technology emerged, it not only made people rich (or bankrupt in some cases) but also laid down a lot of jobs. It is true that career in blockchain is being cultivated with time. From ICOs to new cryptocurrencies getting added to the system, you’ve got jobs in hand to maintain the pace of this flow.

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How can blockchain shape your career?

One of the reasons blockchain can help you shape up your career is that most of the jobs have been following the old school schemes. People have been following the old paths to get the jobs like working hard in schools to get good college and then get a job. According to a survey, it was found that only 27% of graduates found job in their majors.

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With increasing struggle to locate students with graduate degrees, a consensus is growing that a candidate’s skills are more important than a bachelor’s degree or any other formal education. According to Deloitte, a research and consulting organization that has strong roots in blockchain technology, says, “aspiring workers should realize that a bachelor’s degree is not all that matters to their future. In itself, a bachelor’s degree is just a piece of paper. It’s the skills — and the occupation — that matter more. When it comes to employment, that’s the real goal of education.”

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How to prepare to explore a career in blockchain?

Before you get your head around blockchain, it is important that you are well prepared. Now that you would be working and not just trading, leaving everything to luck is not probably the best way to start. The blockchain is a technology and it requires you to know it carefully before laying your career into it. Although, there’s not much that you’ve to do that include:

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1. Learn the basics

Just like anything new, you must be familiar with the basics of the technology before seeking career in blockchain. It is important to know the meaning of importance of various terminologies like decentralization, smart contracts, tokens, Dapps etc. If you wish to become a blockchain developer, you must learn JavaScript for web-based development and Solidity, which is a programming language that is used to build smart contracts.

2. Cryptography

Now that assets are finding its way to online, cryptography is what makes them secure. While working in the blockchain stream, it is important to secure these assets through cryptography. Failing to employ Cryptography can be devastating for the companies that are existing because of its security.

3. Understand distributed computing theory and application

Although, distributed computing is no longer a theory and it can be understood as one of the Blockchain’s solution as security and reliability are the most pressing issues. But, it is still far from a refined practice. The students of blockchain technology must research so that they can take care of the most faced problems associated with Blockchain technology, like scalability issues and huge energy consumption.

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Overall, blockchain has become one of the most job creating industry with the development of cryptocurrencies. The agenda of making transactions decentralized seems to work fine and has laid down great opportunities for candidates. Great thing about blockchain industry is that it requires almost every skill set and not a specific stream to start with. Now that you’ve got new career in blockchain, you may think of giving it a hit and not only just earn your salary but also the take the benefits\ of the market. If you wish to add more options, do let us know in the comments below.

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