How Hibernating Apps Can Help Enhance Android’s Performance

How Hibernating Apps Can Help Enhance Android’s Performance

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With time, most Android devices slow down due to apps running in the background. Sadly, in this technologically advanced age, things shouldn’t be working this way. Android apps need to be smart enough to close themselves, thereby freeing up memory. 

But we all know things don’t work this way. Hence, to free up RAM and extend battery life, we need to find a solution to hibernate apps, boost RAM, clean junk files, and do a lot more. In simple words, we need an all-rounder app to boost performance, and it is called Cleaner for Android.

Before, we learn how to use it to hibernate apps, let’s understand what hibernation is

What Is Hibernating Apps On Android?

Hibernation means putting apps into an idle state to stop running in the background and draining the phone’s battery. In simple words, it is an effective way to close problematic apps and prevent them from running until you launch them. This helps save the phone’s battery life when it is in use. 

How To Hibernate Apps On Android And Enhance Battery Life?

Hibernating apps is the best way to save battery on Android. To achieve this, a battery boosting app is required. Indeed, you can find different apps in the market, but which one can you trust? 

We have the answer, and it is called Cleaner for Android. This fantastic app knows precisely knows how to speed up the phone and boost battery life in a single tap. Not only this, but it also helps clean duplicates so that you can recover valuable space, help detect junk files, and a lot more. 

Systweak Cleaner for Android

To use it, you need to download the app and run it on your Android device. Once installed, it will help run applications smoothly without any lags. This app is the most trusted one, and it helps keep your Android safe by offering the Malware protection module. 

How To Use Cleaner For Android To Hibernate Resource-Hogging Apps?

1. Head to Google Play Store and search for Cleaner for Android app. Alternatively, click here to download the app

2. Tap Install and wait for the process to finish. 

3. Once done, tap Open to launch the app. 

4. Read the permission and grant access. The cleaner for Android will ask permission to access photos, media, and files. This is asked so that the app can scan your device, locate duplicates, and help clean unwanted WhatsApp data also.

5. Tap Allow starting using the app. 

Android RAM

6. You now have a Cleaner for Android installed. 

Now, let’s begin with hibernating apps and understanding how to use this real battery saver app. 

Hibernating Apps using Cleaner for Android

To improve the phone’s battery life, follow the steps below:

1. Launch Cleaner for Android.

2. Scroll down and look for the Hibernate Apps option.

Hibernate Android apps

3. To use this feature, you will need to grant Accessibility Service Permission. This is asked so that apps can be listed and hibernate.

Hibernate Apps

4. Afterward, Cleaner for Android will show a list of apps divided into three tabs:

  • System Apps – Pre-installed apps
  • User Apps – Installed by the user
  • Hibernated Apps – Close background running apps

Hibernate Apps

Note: Since we have not hibernated any app, we will see the list empty. 

5. To hibernate a power-hungry app and to boost the phone’s performance, tap on the app that you want to close. Cleaner for Android will now close the app and will put it under the Hibernate Apps tab.

Hibernate Apps

That’s it. You have now successfully closed all the apps that were taking unnecessary memory. This means now your Android phone’s battery life will be boosted. 

Cleaner For Android – One Tap Booster

Looking for another way to boost device performance and run apps smoothly? Well, here you go. Run One Tap Booster offered by Cleaner for Android. 

Cleaner for Android

To use it, simply Tap To Boost option, and wait for the process to finish. Once Cleaner for Android analyzes your phone, it will close all space-hogging apps and free up RAM. 

In addition to this, by tapping Junk Files, you can clean junk data, clear duplicates, and free up space tap Duplicates. What’s more, you can save battery by clicking Battery Saver. So, it’s like a double bonus hibernates apps and save battery. 

Wait, the benefits of Cleaner for Android don’t end here. You can use it to manage data, explore files, clear WhatsApp images, videos, etc. 

Note: You will only see WhatsApp data when you permit to access videos and photos. 

So, this is it. Cleaner for Android will help manage apps, hibernate them, protect your device from malware, spyware, and other infections. Most importantly, it will boost performance and will even help recover storage space. It’s a complete package deal. So, what are you waiting for? Download it today from Google Play Store and improve your phone’s battery life, performance, and manage data. 

Do share your feedback with us and let us know how did you find the application. 

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  • Mridula
    This app helps in keeping my Android phone optimized. Thanks

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  • Abhishek Sharma
    I have been using CLeaner for Android for months now. Though I was using it as a cache and duplicate cleaner, never completely understood the hibernating part. Thanks for the descriptive update!

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  • Mansi Vijay
    I didn’t know that hibernating applications can actually improve Android performance. Thanks for the idea, will install Cleaner for Android & see how it works for me.

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