How To Add Legacy Contact To Keep Your Facebook Account Live Forever

How To Add Legacy Contact To Keep Your Facebook Account Live Forever


We all use Facebook to stay connected with our loved ones and share our never-ending memories with them. Facebook’s impact in our life is so deep that whether it is a vacation or a life achievement, things feel incomplete without a corresponding post on Facebook. However, do any of you ever thought what would happen to our Facebook account after we finally bite the dust? Will it be deleted, or is there any possibility that it can be managed by any of our friend or family members? If you too have such questions then this article is worth reading for you.

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What Is A Legacy Contact?

As per Facebook, a legacy contact is someone whom you permit to manage your Facebook account after your death. A legacy contact can update the profile or cover picture, response to the new friend request and pin a post on your timeline, but he can neither post like you nor he can access your messages. However, while selecting a legacy contact you have an option to allow him to archive your complete Facebook data. In other words, a legacy contact is someone who takes care of your Facebook account when you are no more in this world. In this way, he can make your account remembered forever.

How To Add A Legacy Contact:

  1. Sign in to your Facebook account and click on the down arrow at the top right corner of the screen. Now from the drop down menu click on Settings.
    facebook settings
  2. Now click on Security option followed by Legacy Contact.
    facebook security legacy contact
  3. Now choose your facebook friend whom you wish to add as legacy contact and click Add.
    facebook legacy contact
  4. You can now notify your friend by sending a default message that you have you have selected them as your legacy contact, by clicking on Send button. You can also change the message as per your choice.
    facebook security settings
  5. There is another option that permits your legacy contact to archive your Facebook data. If you do not want your legacy contact to archive your data the leave it unchecked.
    facebook data archieve permission

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What a Legacy Contact Will Be Able To Do And What Don’t?

A legacy contact is just the one who takes care of the Facebook account, he cannot maintain the account as an owner. Here is the list that what a legacy contact can do:

  • He can accept or decline the new friend requests
  • He can change the profile picture along with the cover photo.
  • He can write a pinned post for your Facebook profile.
  • He can request for the removal of the account.

Things Facebook legacy contact can’t do:

  • He cannot read your Facebook messages.
  • He cannot remove any of your already added friends on Facebook.
  • He cannot login to your account.
  • He cannot make any alteration to the already existing posts.

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Undoubtedly, Facebook concern for its existing users is unquestionable, however, this feature is something which proves that Facebook has a deep concern even for those users who are no more in this beautiful world.

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