How to Backup and Restore WhatsApp Messages

How to Backup and Restore WhatsApp Messages?

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Every day more than a billion users use WhatsApp for sending messages, making calls and sharing media files. Conversation exchange is easy, quick, and acute with this app, and hence, it has become a giant messaging app today.

There are times when we accidentally delete chats and lose out our important messages. One solution to this is- backup the chat. This will ensure that even if the original one is lost, there is still a copy to refer. This write-up will suggest a simple and secure way to backup WhatsApp chat. These are stated below:

  • Open WhatsApp to create the backup file.
  • Go to Settings and then tap on ‘Chats’ option. (This option may vary according to your OS. You need to find chat option on your device.)

backup whatsapp chat and messages

  • Now tap on ‘Chat Backup’ and then on ‘Back Up’.
  • Now again click on ‘Back Up’. WhatsApp will create Backup file using cellular/ Wi-Fi data. It may take several minutes to create backup file, let it create.

how to backup whatsapp mesages on device

  • Your chat backup file will be saved in the device and you can preview this using File manager.

With these simple steps, you will create your WhatsApp chat backup. All your important family, friends, and business chats will stay with you even if you delete or clear WhatsApp chats. But there is still a hurdle that might hamper you.

What if you lose your smartphone, change your handset, or for that matter run factory reset. You will have no access over your data unless you have created another backup for it. Now the requisite is keeping this new data somewhere online and not on the device. Right Backup Anywhere can resolve this issue for.

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Right Backup Anywhere App:

You may find many backup utilities on Play Store and App Store, but be aware and use the best in the lot. Systweak Right Backup Anywhere is the one and the best of its types. The app is simple, accessible, and well manageable for creating and securing any backup file on Cloud. Any significant data can be protected using this app, including WhatsApp Chats. Follow these simple steps and secure your chat backup with Right Backup Anywhere.

  • First download and install the app on your respective platform.

backup whatsapp chat on rightbackup

  • Set up the Cloud account.
  • You will see many options on home screen; please select ‘Custom Selection’.

rightbackup for chat backup

  • This will direct to the WhatsApp folder. Therein tap on ‘Database’ preference
  • Now select the chat file and tap on ‘Start Backup’ button..

online backup tool for chat backup

  • The selected file will be backed up on Cloud. This can be viewed, downloaded and shared any time after that.

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Benefits of the app 

It ensures data safety since it doesn’t store backup files anywhere on the device but on cloud. This protects from landing up in a hazardous situation (a few are stated above). Once your files are backed up on cloud, it will go nowhere until you remove it. Another major benefit of the app is it helps free up ample space in the device. Clear out the data that is shared on Cloud once.

Follow these simple steps to backup your WhatsApp chat!

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