How To Change Incognito Color Theme on Chrome

How To Change Incognito Color Theme on Chrome


Internet browsers nowadays try to add ample of features to enhance user experience, and Google Chrome is the best when it comes to cross-platform synchronization and add-on features. Not just this, people who are concerned about their privacy, the Incognito mode makes sure that no traces of the browsing history are saved.

There however is one shortcoming with the Google Chrome Incognito mode. Its extreme dark theme is one thing that most of the people don’t like. It’s not just dark, it is sometimes hard to work in it since it gets difficult in distinguishing different tabs.

Hey, users you are fortunate enough, Google Chrome has a solution for you. You can now choose from a multiple number of exciting themes Google Chrome offers to lighten your browsing experience.


Before changing the default Google Chrome Incognito mode color theme, user must enable a Chrome flag. To enable to Chrome flag:

  1. Type chrome://flags in the address bar of Google Chrome and then press Enter.
  2. Google Chrome will present you the list of all the Google Chrome flags, here search for Custom-drawn Windows 10 Title bar.
  3. Click on the drop-down menu present next to it and click on the Enabled option.
    windows 10 title bar

Best Themes To Change The Default Google Chrome Incognito Mode Color Theme:

Continue reading the article to know the different themes to change the Google Chrome Incognito Mode Color Theme.

1. Material Incognito Light Theme:

Material Incognito Light Theme

This color theme majorly emphasizes on the Google Chrome default incognito color scheme. It is an open-source theme that uses light color scheme to distinguish itself from the default color theme of the incognito mode which is dark in color.

Simply apply the theme and the light color themed incognito mode will amaze you.

[appbox chromewebstore necpbhkfondbpbloppmkjpdkdimldobc]

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2. Material Classic Blue Theme:

.Material Classic Blue Theme

The material classic blue theme presents the old classic Google Chrome look. This theme has the default color type as blue and really adds on to the old look of Google Chrome.

If you are bored seeing the dark colored incognito mode, this blue colored theme will soothe you.

[appbox chromewebstore odbiochpladnknjeddpnheigjgdaehab]

3. Green Turf:

Green Turf chrome theme

If you are a nature lover, Green Turf is the best theme you can apply. Green Turk color theme give users the feel of e lush green environment.

When applied, incognito mode changes its color to green and has a dark green title bar.

[appbox chromewebstore egibdfeapdnfgniledopjbhchaheolem]

4. Summer Holidays:

Summer Holidays chrome theme

If you want a theme that makes you feel relaxed, Summer Holidays is the best option for you. Summer Holidays is the perfect fit when you want to keep yourself out of any stress and simply enjoy the clear sky.

Simply relax and enjoy private browsing with a pinch of blue on the title bar.

[appbox chromewebstore mfecfgangbaamlkdcebkbngncpabddea]

5. Slinky Glamour:

Slinky Glamour chroem theme

Slinky Glamour is the best theme for you if you don’t like loud themes and prefer to keep it minimalistic. It is perfect balance of a light pink color and is not at all loud.

When applied, the tab color changes to a faint pink color that is extremely soothing.

[appbox chromewebstore phcgjdgneipghoeikoeenifpknfkjpil]

So, guys if you are bored with the default incognito mode color theme and want some change, this article is the best place to choose amongst the many colorful color themes. Read the complete article to get an idea about them and choose the one that suits you best.

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