How To Check If Samsung Phone Is Original

How To Check If Samsung Phone Is Original

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There is no doubt that Samsung is one of the best manufactures when it comes to mobile phones. But along with the high-end technology associated with every new model, the price tag also increases. That’s where people tend to think whether they can get the same specifications at a much cheaper rate.

Due to lack of awareness amongst buyers, sellers fool customers by selling them fake phones at a cheaper rate. People should be aware of the things they can use to check if a Samsung phone is original by doing Samsung IMEI check

Here in this article we will see how to check if Samsung phone is original or not.

Why Is It Easy To Duplicate Samsung Phones:

Samsung manufactures mobile phones developed on Android platform which is an Open Source platform. Since it can be used by anyone, it gets easy for companies to manufacture the counterfeit of the original device.

So, if you are planning to purchase a new Samsung phone and dont know how to check if Samsung phone is original or not, this article will be of great help.

Continue reading the article to see the major characteristics like Samsung IMEI check, Samsung original check code etc to check for the authenticity.

How To Do Samsung IMEI Check:

Known as International Mobile Equipment Identity, IMEI number is a unique identification code associated with every mobile phone and is the easiest way to check original Samsung mobile.

There are multiple ways to do Samsung IMEI check and Samsung Original Check Code:

1. Samsung Original Check Code from the Menu.

This way is useful for Samsung mobile original check code for mobiles and tablets that have removable and non-removable batteries. Lets see how we can check it:

  1. Navigate to the Phone Settings.
  2. Scroll down the Settings window to look for About Phone.
    Samsung Original Check Code from the Menu step-2
  3. The About Phone window shows the IMEI code, Model number as well as the Serial number.
    Samsung Original Check Code from the Menu step-3

These were the steps for Samsung original code check from the Menu.

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2. Samsung Original Check Code from the Back Panel:

Another useful way of checking how to check if Samsung is original or not is checking the Samsung IMEI code from the Rear Panel. This method can be used for mobiles and tablets that have non-removable batteries.

To check for it, simply look at the Back side of the phone to locate the IMEI and Serial number.

Samsung Original Check Code from the Back Panel step-2
Image Source:

Last way one can look for Samsung original check code is to check beneath the battery. However, this method can only be used for mobile with detachable batteries.

Samsung Original Check Code from the Back Panel step-3
Image Source:

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Other than Samsung IMEI check, there are other ways using which one can differentiate between original and fake Samsung phones.

  1. Original Samsung phones have bright display colors whereas the duplicate ones display dull colors.
  2. Duplicate mobile phones have a large gap between the edge of screen and mobile.
  3. The Samsung logo on Fake phone can easily be felt and is easy to remove.
  4. Volume and Home buttons in duplicate phones have unusual gaps unlike original Samsung phones.

If you are planning to buy a new Samsung phone but are worried how to check if Samsung phone is original, read the article for Samsung IMEI check, Samsung mobile original check code to verify for the authenticity and don’t let you hard earned money go in vein.

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