How To Clean Cache On Your Mac

How To Clean Cache On Your Mac

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If you own a Mac and are using it from a long time, then you must have notice that it’s running comparatively slower. It may be because of your Mac is having caches accumulated on it. These files are not only responsible for the slow performance but also take unnecessary space on your hard drive. In this article let us understand in detail that what cache and you can clear it on Mac.

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Cache files are basically temporary data downloaded on your Mac to speed up the process when you perform the same action repeatedly. For example, you have opened a website on safari browser it will save images to cache so that the website can load faster when next time you will open it. Cache may sound useful to you but by the time space taken by these files can be overwhelming for your system. So, you should clear them to boost up your Mac.

Here Is How To Clear Cache On Mac Manually:

  1. Quit all the apps before proceeding further.
  2. Now go to finder in Mac OS.
  3. Hold Shift key if you are having Mac OS sierra or Option key if you are on the earlier version and pull-down GO menu in the finder.
  4. Choose “Library” from the given Options.

mac library

5. In the library folder, you can open caches folder.

6. You will see different folders either you can choose which folders you want to clear or you can select all to clear all the folders from cache. Once you are done with the selection you can choose to Move to Trash.

mac caches7. To remove caches permanently from your computer now you can empty trash cans. You can also choose to manually remove files from trash can.

This is how you can manually clear cache on Mac but still there can be other cache and temporary files which are responsible for slowing down your Mac. It is not easy to find and clear these files manually so for this purpose it is better to use a third-party software. If you will go to the app store and search for a cache or temporary file cleaner then you will find so many results but there is an application ‘Tune up My Mac’ from Systweak software which is best for this purpose. The application is very easy to download and user friendly let us find out how this application works.

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You can download and install the application from the given link.

  1. Once you are done with the download and installation process you will see options in the left pane. Chose the first option “One click cleaning” and then click Clean Now. This will start deep scan process In this scan it will clean these files.
  • User cache files.
  • User log files.
  • Redundant part of applications.
  • Removes all unneeded languages for localized apps.

Tunaeupmy mac

  1. Once you are done with the scan you will see results sorted by size and category you can clean up cache in just one click.
  2. The application is having some other options such as Duplicates finder which really an amazing utility. If you are facing the space crunch on your mac then it is a Must try feature. It finds out duplicates on your device within few minutes and remove them.

duplicate finder

  1. There are some other utilities such as Uninstaller it helps you to remove applications Widgets and preference panes from the Mac benefits of removing them using TuneupMyMac is that it clears them from the scratch.

tuneupmy mac uninstaller6. Next option is for startup Apps. By using this option you can remove apps from getting automatically starting with your Mac it saves time of boot up and by doing this you can stop unnecessary programs to run in the background.

  1. Even after Auto cleaning and Optimization if you are facing space crunch then you should try Manual cleaning. It really helps in making space immediately on your device by cleaning some files. In manual cleaning, you will find Internet privacy, Misc cleaning and large files. Let us understand these options one by one.
  2. If you will opt to clean Internet privacy cleaning then you will be able to clean your browsing history and other temporary internet data.
  3. Misc. cleaning allows you to clean iTunes Backups and saved emails. From here you can also clean Old Downloads.
  4. Next option is to clear large files. You can use this option when you immediately require space and it is hard to you do decide that which all files you should clear to spare some memory. It clearly shows you files according to the categories such as Music, Pictures, Videos, Documents and others you can choose to delete large files from these categories. This helps you to spare the memory immediately.

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This is how to clear cache on Mac without compromising with the files which are important to you. Clear unused files and enjoy more productivity on your Mac.

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