How To Enable Disable Android System Webview- Quick Steps

How To Enable Disable Android System Webview

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You must have accessed web pages inside your in-built apps. While surfing when you click on that link in Instagram, it directs you to a web page within the app. The access to the web pages is similar to what we get on Chrome. Android System Webview is the app that makes it possible but we rarely how it happens.

While on Play Store, we mostly overlook the apps which are pre-installed and just let them stay up to date regularly. It’s not possible that one missed looking at the Android System Webview app. But some of us don’t quite find the use of certain apps and thus won’t update it. Now do you think it will affect your Android device in any way?  Whether the purpose of the app is known to you or not, it does make an impact on your system.

Let’s discuss all about Android System Webview app and how to enable and disable the app on your device

How To Enable Android System Webview?

How To Disable Android System Webview?

What Is Android System Webview?

What Is Android System Webview

Android System Webview is a system tool which is controlled by Chrome. It is a very important component for your device, allows you to view web pages in the apps. Just like you are able to open any web page on your traditional web browser, this app is made for system’s in-built apps.

Android System Webview is responsible for the display of web content on Android Operating System for the in-built apps.

How To Enable Android System Webview?

Let’s find out how to enable Android System Webview because this can hamper with the performance of the apps. This is an option available only to the Android version 6.0 and below. After these versions, developments were made, and Chrome was enhanced to be used to open web pages in apps as well.

But for the Android devices which work on this, will need the Android System Webview. Apps can malfunction without it simply or refuse to open the web pages.  Enable this tool to correctly use the feature on Android versions below 7.0

To do so, launch the Play store, scroll the apps on your home and locate Android System Webview. Click on Open, and now you see the disabled button, click on Enable.

How To Disable Android System Webview?

Being a contribution to the operating system, Android System Webview can’t be uninstalled. However, you can disable Android System webview on your device. Although it is not recommended to disable the app for Android versions of Marshmallow and lower.

If you are using Android Nougat or any versions above it, disabling Android System Webview is fine. As Google Chrome has taken up the task of rendering it for entire device. To make the process more efficient for your device, Chrome works for all the web pages opened up on it.

Open Play Store on your device, search for Android System Webview and click on it.

Disable Android System Webview

Now you can see the option of Disable, press it, the app is now disabled. Many versions will show Android System Webview as disabled on default as its best for the device.

How To Disable Android System Webview

By disabling the app, you can save up battery and the background running apps can perform faster.


You must know why Android System Webview is on your device. It will help you with smooth operation of your Android device. The performance of all the apps which can include web links to open within depend on a webview. In this article as we discussed whether the tool – Android System Webview is needed or not for your device. You can easily judge this by knowing your Android version, it will decide that enable or disable the tool.

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  • Dorothy Russell
    Android System WebView app is disabled on my phone and I don’t if it came that way or if someone else disabled it but I can’t get the app to work or be undisabled.

    2 months ago Reply
    • Mridula Nimawat
      For higher version of Android i.e. above 6.0 Android System Webview is disabled by default and there is nothing to worry about it.

      7 days ago Reply
  • Thomas Strother
    I have went to my apps and brought up android systems webview and the disabled button is gray you can’t push it to enable again. I’ve went to Google play store and went to the app and all is says is disabled and won’t let me do nothing to enable the android systems webview app. My phone is running like carp. Its the only app that is messing with me. I’ve never run into this before and don’t know what to do now.

    1 week ago Reply
    • Mridula Nimawat
      Android webview opens the web page within the apps. If your Android version is above 6, it will show as Disabled and it can not enabled for higher versions.The app still exists on your phone because Google needs it to update a few system settings. Check this blog to boost your Android phone – Android Optimizer and Booster apps.

      7 days ago Reply

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