How to Find and Remove Duplicate Files on Mac

How to Find and Remove Duplicate Files on Mac
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If you use your Mac or computer regularly, then it is sure to be full of various files such as audio, video, images and documents etc. Saving a lot of files on your system will eventually lead to your storage space running out, which eventually leads to problems such as slowdowns and frequent system crashes. It might be difficult for you to remove these files due to them being used on a regular basis, thus forcing you to expand your hard drive capacity. But did you know that your overflowing hard-drive could also be a result of duplicate data on your system?

While various applications and programs make copies of various system files, other file types related to photos, videos, music and documents etc. could also have duplicate copies that take up storage.

Why Is Duplicate Data Created?

Duplicate files can exist for various reasons, such as:

  • Copies of files created by you when sorting them to another folder that you forgot to delete later.
  • Files downloaded twice as you forgot its original download location.
  • Downloaded images from various recipients could have duplicates.
  • Edited images or documents that were saved with a different name.

Such duplicate copies of files not only take up additional space on your hard disk, but also slow down system performance. Hence, it is best to get rid of such files to free-up valuable disk space on your Mac or iOS device.

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Disadvantages of Full-Storage on Mac

When your Mac’s disk space is occupied, you will see a constant warning message ‘Your Startup Disk is Almost Full’. This is not only annoying but also causes slowdowns. Listed below are the various reasons why you should not have a full storage on your Mac.

  • No space to save additional data and updates by various critical programs.
  • Full Storage Interferes with various functions such sleep, causing more power consumption.
  • Causes Bad Sectors on Disk and data fragmentation.
  • System is unable to generate temporary Files and disk cache causing slowdowns and crashes.

There’s no way you can enjoy a stable performance without additional space on hard drive. Your system needs space for various functions and to download and install updates. Even you need space to save your downloaded files from the internet. Therefore, you should delete any duplicate files from your system to create a considerable amount of space required by your system.

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Deleting Duplicate Files

Duplicates can be removed from your system manually or by using a special tool to quickly locate and delete such copies of your files. But it is certainly not the best way to remove duplicate files from your Mac. Following reasons would make it clear to you why manual deletion isn’t the best way to get rid of useless copies of files.

  1. Manual deletion is a tedious task that can take days to months, depending on the size of data.
  2. Moreover, manually locating each duplicate file is extremely difficult as these copies could exist anywhere on your system.
  3. If you accidently delete all copies including the original one, it would again become a cumbersome issue to retrieve such data.
  4. Manual deletion will still leave some duplicates on your system as it would be impossible to locate similar and copy files in every location on your system.

So it becomes imperative that we must use a reliable tool to get rid of such space-hogging copies of files. One could find plenty of duplicate removal apps from the Mac App Store. However, for best results and saving time, you can download Duplicate Finder and Remover for Mac.

Make Your Mac Duplicate Free with Duplicate Finder and Remover App

Duplicate Finder and Remover is one of the best data and space optimization tools for Mac. It has been designed to precisely identify any duplicate data on your system based on their extension, file type, name and content. It can also identify similar looking images that can also be deleted. Listed below are the various reasons why you must use Duplicate Finder and Remover App for Mac.

  1. User-friendly interface ensures that the app is extremely easy to use, even if you’re not an expert at computers. Simply drag and drop folders and files to begin scanning for duplicates.
  2. Quick Automatic Scanning saves both time and effort. The app’s advanced search algorithms can locate any duplicate files on your system in a matter of seconds, that too with a single click.
  3. It can also differentiate between exact copies and files with similar content. This is helpful when you have slightly edited copies of original files on your system that are hard to identify with naked eyes.
  4. Auto-mark feature makes it quicker to select and delete multiple duplicates with a single click. Auto-marking leaves the original file intact, making it an efficient and safe tool.
  5. Once it has scanned all duplicates, the app will categorize all results based on their file types so you can easily review them before deleting.
  6. It can also clean duplicates in external devices which makes it a highly versatile optimization tool.
  7. No annoying advertisements are displayed on the app that could interfere with your work.

These above mentioned advantages certainly set Duplicate Finder and Remover app above the rest. Duplicates not only take up GBs of space, but are of no use to you. Use Duplicate Finder and Remover app to quickly and efficiently cleaning all such unusable copies and recover significant space on your disk.

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