How To Find And Remove Duplicate Music Files On Mac

How To Find And Remove Duplicate Music Files On Mac

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Music has a different meaning for everybody. Some use it as a source of inspiration, some listen to it to uplift their mood while some simply love the poetry in lyrics.  Being a music freak means there would definitely be hundreds of songs on your device. However, managing and sorting these music files can be a very cumbersome task, especially when you might also have duplicate music files on your device. Removing them manually could take from days to weeks, depending on your music collection.

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Have you ever thought of having an app that could deal with this messy situation?  A software that could scan your Mac and remove the duplicate music files from it. If yes, then you are in the right place.

In this post, we will discuss a software which would help you to find and remove duplicate music files and recover space on your Mac.

Duplicate Music Fixer For Mac:

Duplicate Music Fixer

Duplicate Music Fixer For Mac is the best duplicate music fixer for Mac which helps you in eliminating duplicates from your music collection and keeping it organized.

Watch this video to learn how Duplicate Music Fixer works-

Features of Duplicate Music Fixer For Mac

  • It scans and removes duplicate music and declutters your system quickly. Moreover, it gives you the option to delete all the duplicates with a single click.
  • In process of deleting duplicate files, it automatically keeps high quality audio file, and removes multiple variations of the same song in low quality.
  • With the help of Duplicate Music Fixer, you can create a playlist consisting your favorite music with ease.
  • You can also filter your audio files by bitrate, by file size, file format type and preferred folder option.
  • The Auto-mark feature of the software helps you to filter out the best file out from the duplicate files shown automatically.

With all these awesome features, Duplicate Music Fixer is must install application for your Mac, which will help you to delete all the duplicate music files so that you can enjoy your music without annoying repeats. However, if you don’t want any software to do the work for you. You can sort and remove duplicate music files manually. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Login on your Mac.
  • Go to Finder bar and locate File-> New Smart Folder.

Note: You can also get to Smart folder by opening Finder from your Dock


  • Now a window will open, locate and click on plus sign in a top right corner which would give you option for the filters like Kind, Date, File type, Name, and more.

mac desktop

  • Set a filter like file extension, name or pixels to search for duplicate images.

smart folder

  • You will get a list of images displayed in the window according to the filter chosen. You can check and remove duplicate music files manually, which is time consuming.

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So, now you know both ways to delete duplicate music files from your Mac, you have to decide which one works for you!

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