How To Find And Save Your Old Instagram Stories On Your Device Forever

How To View And Save Your Old Instagram Stories On Your Device Forever


Today almost every social media app allows you to post story which lasts for 24 hours and Instagram is one of them. So if you love to post stories on Instagram then you might be getting popular among your friends or fans. But do you know there is an another use of this feature? If you have lost your device or you have posted photos on your story directly clicking them from the Instagram app then you can always download what you have posted as story. You can also post the photos on your story as an Instagram post later. So here is how you can find what you have posted as your Instagram stories and can save it forever.

  1. Open Instagram app on your Smartphone
  2. Tap on your profile icon. On the bottom right. You will be on your profile page and will find your posts and instagram to smartphone
  3. Now tap on the icon on the top right which look like a clock.
    clock icon on instagram
  4. You will be on Archive folder and will see all the stories you have posted so far. Your latest stories will be at the bottom and you will see old stories at the top.saved story instagram
  5. Tap on the bottom of any of the picture and at the bottom, you will find icons to share it again as an Instagram post or to download it to your device.
  6. Best thing about this feature is that it is turned on by default and all your stories get saved by default so you do not need to bother that what you have posted till now is saved or not.

If you want to save your stories directly to your camera roll from next time. Then you should tap on settings icon given at the top left of the archive folder and then turn on Save to Camera Roll. You can also turn of Archive feature from here so that Instagram will not save your future stories to archive folder.

instagram story settings

This is how you can retrieve your stories which usually expire in 24 hours from instagram. If you regularly post stories and want to repost some specific photographs from them then it is a good method to do so but one thing you should remember that if you have deleted a story before it gets expire then you will not find it in Archive.

Bonus Tip

In addition to retrieving your old stories, you can also download pictures & stories in real-time from Instagram using third-party tools. While it is cool idea, it also accumulates lot of additional & duplicate media files on your device. To get rid of these duplicate files, duplicate files fixer comes as a better solution. ”

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