How To Find Duplicate Songs In iTunes

How To Find Duplicate Songs In iTunes 12

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Finding a duplicate song on your playlist when you have a collection of hundreds of songs in your iTunes library, can be an arduous task. Doing it manually can be real pain in the neck.  Luckily, iTunes offers an easy and simple way to track and delete duplicate songs. Moreover, you can also use a third party tool to organize your songs collection and get yourself a neat library.

In this post, we have explained how  you can use iTunes to sort your songs library. Along with this we’ve also mentioned a similar tool that can help you to seamlessly manage your iTunes library.

Use iTunes 12 To Sort Out Your Music Library:

You can locate duplicate files on iTunes in a go. Follow these steps to search for similar files:

  • Launch iTunes application on your computer.
  • Navigate to Music library in iTunes.
    Use iTunes 12 To Sort Out Your Music Library
  • Locate the “File” menu and then go to “Library”
  • Under “Library” menu, locate and select “Show Duplicate Items ”
  • Now, iTunes will quickly gather all the files that are possibly duplicate songs and you can take action accordingly.
  • Once you are done, you can click Done button to exit the Display Duplicate Screen.

In this way you can delete the duplicate songs from your iTunes library. You can also use Duplicate Music Fixer by Systweak to accomplish this task.

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Using Duplicate Music Fixer To Delete Duplicate Music Files From iTunes Library:

Duplicate Music Fixer is one of the easiest way to find and remove duplicate music files from iTunes library. The software is available for Mac and Windows.

Using Duplicate Music Fixer To Delete Duplicate Music Fixer From iTunes Library

Let’s take a look at the features of the Duplicate Music Fixer:

  • It seamlessly scans your music library for duplicates and highlights them.
  • You can categorise files by bitrate, file format type,preferred folder option, and file size.
  • You can delete the duplicates, create playlists and get an organised library.
  • In the process of deleting the duplicates, it frees up the space on your disk.
  • It has Selection Assistant, which identifies the best music file automatically and deletes the rest which are not needed.
  • You can create playlists to organize your collection in a better way.

Download Duplicate Music Fixer here-

Whether you use a third party software or use iTunes to organize your Apple device’s library, it is important to sort out your music collection so that you don’t get repeated music files in your playlist.

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