How to Fix OK Google Not Working Issue?

How to Fix OK Google Not Working Issue?


Google Assistant is available over 5000 gadgets today. All set with languages like English, Hindi, Italian, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese and more. It supports six different voices, and one of which is the Award-winning musician John Legend.

Google’s voice search has made ultimate progress till date and possibly the most sophisticated of other assistants out there.

It came into being in 2016 and was launched only on Google phones and Google devices. Later, it was rolled out on other smartphones that run Android. This virtual assistant became a helping hand for everyone. From unlocking your device, to opening apps with your voice, getting advice on almost anything and read a newspiece for you. There’s nothing where Google Assistant didn’t turn out to be an effective aid.

OK Google is the voice command which is used to activate Google Assistant. The virtual assistant is supposed to turn up every time you command “OK Google”. On some phones, you can also say “Hey Google” to activate Google Assistant.

This year Google I/O Conference came with incredible new updates, especially the upgradation in Google Assistant is gigantic. But for a lot of people OK Google detection is not working. Here you can catch all the possible reasons & solutions for it to resolve your issue.

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How to Fix OK Google Not Working Problem?

There could be many reasons why OK Google voice command is not working, we have listed some very common causes to it and how you can resolve it.

Turn On Voice Command Feature

There’s a possibility that your Virtual Assistant is not enabled on your device or may be Google assistant is activated but the voice command feature is not enabled. To check this you need to follow the given steps:

Step 1- Open Google App, and click on three lines icon present at the bottom right corner.

open google app

Step 2- Next you have to tap on the settings menu.

google app settings

Step 3- Once you click it, you will be taken to another menu where you have to again select Settings option under Google Assistant head.

settings in google apps

Step 4- Click on Phone option under Devices head. Now you can check if the Google Assistant toggle is on or off.

phone in under google settings

Step 5- Adjust the setting for your device.

google assistant on or off

Below that you will find another option which can help you to let Google Assistant recognize only your voice and not others.

Check Google’s Microphone

If you want to make your voice command “OK Google” work, you have to make sure that your Assistant’s Microphone is working. Without its functionality your Assistant won’t be able to recognize your command & thence OK Google not working issue will not be resolved.

So, there’s a small tip to judge whether your microphone is working or not. When you launch the app, just look for blue colored microphone icon, just near the Google Search.

A working microphone will look like something in the screenshot below, and in case you see a dotted line around your voice microphone then quickly understand that your microphone is not in a function.

check google microphone

There can be different reasons why your microphone is not working- Maybe due to dirt or dust near the charging area or your microphone has stopped responding to any voice recorder medium, if so then you need to stop by your nearest service center to get it actionable.

Check Language Setting

Maybe OK Google is not working because your device is not set up to the default language i.e US English for many users. To check your default language, follow the given steps:

Step 1- In Google App, Go to Settings Option.

google settings down

Step 2-  Under Search head, tap on Search Language option.

search language google

Step 3- Now from dozens of languages you can select your primary & secondary language (if desired) for voice recognition.

choose language google app

Below Languages Option you can see Voice option. Tap on it and enable Offline Speech Recognition Option- which allows you to download any language you want  and you can set your preferred default language. Once this feature is enabled, you can make the Google Assistant work even when your Mobile data is off.

voice app

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Train Your Virtual Assistant

Maybe a situation has arised where your assistant have lost its mind. Common it can happen to anybody! So, you need to retrain your personal assistant again to get it on track. To do so, follow the given steps:

Step 1- After you’ve launched Google App, Go to settings menu again.

settings on google voice

Step 2- Look for Phone option under Devices head.

phone in under google settings

Step 3- Tap on Access with Voice Match option, and you’re good to go!

access with voice match

Step 4-Now you have to retrain your Google Assistant to recognize your sound. Just like the first time you train it to understand your voice and accent.

change voice on google app

We hope now your Google Assistant is all set to work & its responding again to your “OK Google” Command. In case you explore some other issue with it, do drop a line in the comment section below. We might help you with its fix as well.

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