How To Fix “The Requested Resource Is In Use” Issue

How To Fix “The Requested Resource Is In Use” Issue

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The message box displaying the message- “The requested resource is in use” appears only when you are trying to copy or move a file or folder. If you are trying to run a program or open a drive and Windows shows you a message saying it cannot access it, you might get puzzled. If that’s the case with you, proceed further. As here, we bring you the reasons along with the solutions to it in this post.

Different reasons for the message to show the requested resource is in use on Windows 10-

  • Copying file or folder. – When a file or folder is being used, you can not copy, move, or delete it. The attempt will make you prompt the message box displaying the message “The requested resource is in use. Therefore, wait for one action to be finished and try again.
  • Accessing Drive- if an externally connected drive shows this error message- The requested resource is in use. This means the drive is busy in some other function, such as transferring files.

Methods To Fix The Requested Resource Is In Use

If you are getting the error message – The requested resource is in use Windows 10, then these solutions can be helpful for you.

Method 1: Disable Preview Pane

This might not strike you at first, bu accessing the drives on the computer hinders the actions a lot. The preview takes up a lot of time, and it can hamper the copying action for you. This results in showing the message of the requested resource is in use in Windows 10. Follow the steps to disable the preview pane:

Step 1: Open Start Menu and type file explorer. Click on it from the results to open File Explorer.

Step 2: Here, go to the top bar and click on View.

Step 3: Uncheck the Preview Pane from here.

Unchecked the Preview Pane

This will help you fix the error message – “the requested resource is in use.”

Method 2: Clean Registry

A lot of times, the registry entries are the reason for failed actions on the system. If the registry entries are affected, it shows in the form of system errors. To fix this, you will need a good registry cleaner. Advanced System Optimizer is a recommended product to help you clean the corrupted or invalid registry. It is an overall helpful software, which is also a great game booster for Windows. It takes care of the system and improves performance. In this method, we will attempt to fix the error, which might have been caused by the registry.

  • Download Advanced System Optimizer.

    advanced system optimizer

Go to the Registry Optimizers section and click on Registry Cleaner to fix all invalid registry entries on your computer.

Method 3: Run malware scan

If the system keeps showing error messages unexpectedly, it might be infected. You need good antivirus software for your Windows PC to detect and remove all the malware. If nothing helps, get antivirus, and run a complete scan to secure your computer. It will also help you eliminate the error messages as such, “The requested resource is in use.”  Thankfully Advanced System Optimizer is also great in securing the system with its System Protector feature.

The error message – The requested resource is in use, has been seen as a trojan at times. This can be correctly detected and removed with the help of the Advanced System Optimizer.

  • Run the scan using the Start Smart PC Care button on Advanced System Optimizer. It will take time to analyze the state of the system and show the results.

start smart pc care, The Requested Resource Is In Use

  • Open Advanced System Optimizer and click on Security & Privacy. Under this section, you will see several tools – System Protector, Privacy Protector, Secure Delete, and Secure Encryptor.

security and privacy in aso

You can click on it to find out more details on the infections found on your computer and remove them. You need a system optimizer for your computer to transform it into a stable machine. Once the virus is removed from the computer, you will be able to use the system safely. The error message


The error message of – The requested resource is in use can be fixed easily using the methods given in the post. Using the best system optimizers to improve the system performance will help you with multiple things on your PC. It serves as a system protector, disk cleaner, game booster, and registry optimizer.

We hope that this method explains how to fix the “requested resource is in use” message on your system. We would like to know your views on this post to make it more useful. Your suggestions and comments are welcome in the comment section below. Share the information with your friends and others by sharing the article on social media.

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