How To Lock And Hide Personal And Group Chat In Whatsapp?

How To Lock And Hide Personal And Group Chat In Whatsapp?
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Most of us use WhatsApp and always look for ways to secure our private conversations from prying eyes. Certainly, WhatsApp chats end-to-end encryption is there to make it difficult for hackers to access your conversations. This means only the sender and receiver can read chats.

But this does not to stop nosey people from sneaking into your messages the moment they get your phone and read all your conversations. Therefore, to do this we can use an app named Group Chat Lock for WhatsApp.

Unlike WhatsApp’s Archive option this app helps to lock and hide your individual and group chat from your children, family members, friends and people around you.

How Will This App Help To Lock Individual And Group Whatsapp Chat?

You meet a lot of people daily, some of them borrow phone saying they need to drop a message, search something or need to make call but covertly they check your WhatsApp message. In such case a hiding personal and group chat that you don’t feel comfortable in sharing becomes difficult.

Undoubtedly, locking apps and phone is the best way to keep your personal and group WhatsApp chat protected. But if you find it cumbersome or are not interested in using such apps to lock just one WhatsApp chat, here’s something you might like.

Group Chat Lock for WhatsApp allows you to hide and lock your chat without needing to delete it. This means you can keep your personal chat personal and group chat on WhatsApp secure. This tool does not simply archive the chats but makes them completely inaccessible and hidden from anyone other than you.

What Is Whatsapp’s Archive Function And How Is Group Chat Lock For Whatsapp Different?

To hide a chat from WhatsApp chat you might think of using WhatsApp’s archive functions. But do you when you archive a chat it is moved into a separate folder within WhatsApp. And this folder is not hidden, anyone who has access to your phone can easily see archived chats at the bottom of WhatsApp window.

Moreover, if you receive a message from archived chat contact the chat will reappear in chat list.

On the other hand, Group Chat Lock for WhatsApp secures your private and group WhatsApp chat(s). Not only it locks chat but can also secure complete WhatsApp chat app with a single PIN.

Now, that we know what this app can do. Let’s learn how to lock and hide personal and group chat in WhatsApp.

How To Use Group Chat Lock For Whatsapp To Lock Personal And Group Chat?

  1. Download and install the app on your Android device.
  2. Tap on Group Chat Lock for WhatsApp to launch the app.
  3. Next, create a four-digit PIN or can use fingerprint followed by a recovery mail address to recover password (if forgotten).
    How to use Group Chat Lock for WhatsApp to lock personal and group chat
  4. To start using the app grant accessibility permission.
    How to use Group Chat Lock for WhatsApp to lock personal and group chat step-4
  5. Now, tap ‘+’ icon to add the chat you wish to lock.
    group chat double

Using these simple steps, you’ll be able to lock personal and group WhatsApp chat.

Note: Upon first use, you will need to enable ‘Accessibility Permission’ for this app.

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How To Remove Locked Chat From Group Chat Lock For Whatsapp

Removing a locked chat from Group Chat for WhatsApp is very easy.

To do so, you need to launch the app, enter the PIN or fingerprint.

Here, you can see all the locked chats, select the chat you want to remove and then tap Remove.

group chat remove

What Makes This App Unique?

What makes this app unique is that it focuses on privacy and security. By simply creating a PIN and tapping on ‘+’ icon you can stop worrying about them being accessed by others when your device is left unlocked or handed over for some work. Not only this if you do not want to set PIN you can use your fingerprint and can lock your personal or group chat.

We hope you’ll give this app a try. Please leave a comment after using the app. If you want us to add anymore feature or found anything that is worth noting do let us know. Your feedback is valuable for us.

Also, share your thoughts on importance of privacy and how important it is to keep data secure.

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