How To Lock Facebook Messenger

How To Lock Facebook Messenger


Privacy is a concern for everyone and it must be dealt with precision. It has been noticed, lately that we keep worrying about the information on smartphones. The possibility of data getting into the wrong hands is a much bigger threat. The access to private messages is another of the problem which needs to be addressed.

You must be aware of Facebook Messenger, the dedicated messaging app available for both Android and iOS devices. Messenger is the app which is an instant messaging platform for mobile devices with all Facebook users. The app enables the chat from the web browser to be synced within, thus displaying the same chat while moving forward.

The app allows you to make voice and video calls, along with the sharing of media and other files. It lets you interact with people with the most useful features. These amazing qualities make it one of the best instant messaging apps for smartphones.

You must know how important it is to keep our chat private. Also, vulnerability increases if others use your smartphone. To get the solution,  you must lock Facebook Messenger and keep your chats private.

How To Lock Facebook Messenger On Your Phone?

Let’s add a lock for the app on your phone. There are many amazing App Locks available for Android. One can always use the built-in locks for phones, however, not all apps can be locked with the default inbuilt lock.

But for more security, you must try the locks with features like face lock and fingerprint. This makes it hard for snoopers to try and get inside your app.

In the next steps, we learn how to put a password on Messenger on phone. The list below follows the best app lock which will keep your apps saved with a password or its like.

Secure Lock for Apps by Systweak software is one such app to help you put a lock Facebook Messenger. Looking for methods to keep your Facebook Messenger safe from even if you hand over your phone to others. This works for Android, and the application is available to use from Google Play Store. It is a lightweight app which will be good on your phone storage. The very personal data is kept safe with this app lock. The additional security is always a layer of protection which keeps the chats on Messenger safe.

secure lock for app

All you need to do is get the app from the link down below:

Let’s begin with the steps needed to put a password on Messenger.

Step 1: Start with setting a password for the App itself. It will be a 4 digit passcode or fingerprint if that is supported by your device.

Step 2: Now, you can start with selecting the apps to lock with the passcode.

Step 3: Locate the Facebook Messenger, and toggle the switch to turn it on.

In these simple steps, you can easily put a password to Messenger and keep your app from prying apps.

It is easy to recover the password for your Messenger and other apps similarly. Secure Lock for Apps provides with the option ‘Forgot Passcode’ in such scenarios. You can find this option from the Top-right corner ‘three dots’ icon inside the app. Now tap on OK and a mail will be sent to your recovery email as provided by you.

You can easily check the passcode, and start using your Facebook Messenger again.

Highlight features which will help you lock Facebook Messenger-

  • Sets unique password.
  • Supports fingerprint lock, which adds a personal level of security.
  • An intuitive user interface makes it simple to understand.
  • Reset password with ease.
  • User data is safe.
  • This app is ad-free.

Wrapping up:

This is how to lock Facebook Messenger with a third party application. The app lock which we mentioned here for Android devices – Secure Lock for Apps is one good solution for keeping it secure. You need to worry about the personal conversations on the app as everything is safely closed behind a lock which has a passcode and a fingerprint lock too.

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