How to Prevent and Protect Against Ransomware Attack

How to Prevent and Protect Against Ransomware Attack


With the emergence of new viruses every day, the Web has become a difficult tool for people to work on. One of the destructive computer crime rising is Ransomware. It is a virus that locks or encrypts the user’s files and demands a ransom to unlock or decrypt the files and other information.

Ransomware is proving an effective business strategy for hackers to earn money. Locking the files and refusing to unlock it without payment via Bitcoin has brought ransomware once again into the limelight.

Everything you want to know about ransomware virus

Hackers are using new technologies, such as modern encryption, TOR network to accomplish their offensive motive. With the use of TOR network, hackers disguise their identity so that their internet activities cannot be traced. Users are not left with any choice other than to pay ransom to attackers to get their data back.

Conventional methods used to deal with Ransomware are not yielding results. It’s time to use new methods to fight with this modern type of attack!

Traditional Methods are Not Impressive:-

Antivirus software is a program that helps in detecting and removing the virus, and infection from the computer.

Antivirus software relies on virus definitions to detect viruses. The definition files contain signatures for viruses which are updated itself from the internet regularly. When antivirus software scans the system and finds a file that has definition matching to the virus, it does not run the file and try to delete it from the computer.

old ways for ransomware detection not effective

This practice of anti-virus software can protect the computer from known viruses. But if the virus is new, undetectable, or has modified its source code, antivirus software won’t be able to detect it.

New Ways to Prevent Ransomware:-

Ransomware has become highly popular. The reason for its popularity is inversely proportional to the shortcomings of antivirus software since it relies on signature-based methods to detect viruses. Every day a new variant of ransomware comes up in the spotlight. The dependency on signature- based approach is inflexible to use in this modern tech world.

Secure your PC from ransomware attack

Behavior analysis is a new approach that is playing a significant role in detecting ransomware. All ransomware variants have one thing in common. They share the same characteristics at the time of execution which makes it easier to detect.

The characteristics, like deleting Windows Shadow Copies, restricting Startup Repair or blocking services such as WinDefend are common signs of ransomware’s presence in the computer.

The new security tools are designed to examine the computer and files on the basis of behavior instead of carrying out signature based comparisons. On the detection of any destructive virus, the process is destroyed and suspicious files are isolated from rest of the files. The isolated files are deleted and removed from the network to avoid its further transmission.

new way to prevent ransomware

Another way to enhance the detection process is “sandboxing”. Sandboxing is an environment created to run programs in isolation. The suspicious programs are mainly run in isolation to prevent any damage to the computer. It is a good approach from the security point of view. Sandboxes confine the functionality of a program and give limited permission to it without violating the security parameters.

For instance, the web browser will run web pages present in the sandbox. They will be permitted to access a limited number of resources. They won’t be able to read files without permission.

Prevention Through Advanced System Protector:-

Cybersecurity is a critical issue. The ways and methods of cyber-attacks have changed and so should our defense ways. The approach used must be advanced and far-reaching to prevent the effects of attacks.

CryptoLocker Ransomware Virus

Users can use Advanced System Protector to minimize the time in the detection of Ransomware and removing it completely from the system.

Simply using Sandbox method won’t be able to stop malicious codes from attacking the computer since the attack takes place at multiple stages. Sometimes, the viruses start their activities after passing through the sandbox stage.  It is important that sandboxing should occur at the network level to analyze each and every activity on the computer.

prevent through advanced system protector ransomware

Advanced System Protector consists of a powerful engine to scan and removes all infections. The software has anti-malware, anti-spyware, and antivirus techniques within it to protect the computer. It cleans detected malware, unwanted adware, and the annoying toolbars that so many software programs load onto the computer without permission.

The right solution should be able to ensure data security and provide an insight what mechanism attackers are using to attack the computer.

At the end, the main motive is to fight against the attack of cyber criminals on the computers and save data from any loss.

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