How To Put Password On YouTube App

How To Put Password On YouTube App


Don’t you hate it when someone uses your smartphone & messes with the applications on it? Like reading messages without your permission, accidentally resuming the progress of your game or watching videos using your YouTube account. I mean you probably don’t wish anyone to see your watch & search history, right?

So, imagine, If your colleagues or parents ask to see your phone and you’re too shy to refuse, or if your kids are always messing with your phone and you don’t want them to open the YouTube app. What would you probably do to keep your phone safe?

A dedicated App Locker is what that comes to rescue you. Having a password lock on your YouTube app can be useful. It’s good for your privacy, and it’ll keep people out of your business. That way, you don’t have to worry about someone accessing your YouTube or other private applications.

So, which one is worth getting?

Secure Lock For Apps – Protect your Privacy

Since the Google Play Store is packed with lots of options, and the search query ‘app lock’ can deliver dozens of results. We chose an application that won’t require too many permissions to work properly.

Secure Lock For Apps – Protect your Privacy is an excellent real-time protector that shields your smartphone against curious people. The application works swiftly to lock individual apps and private stuff with just one-tap.

Secure Lock For Apps

The App Locker Boasts Following Features:

  • Capable of locking almost any application on your device
  • Supports Passcode & Fingerprint Locking
  • Offers Mail Recovery Option, in case you forget your Password
  • Light-weight & doesn’t affect battery life
  • Ads-Free
  • Doesn’t share users data with third-parties

How To Use Secure Lock For Apps To Lock YouTube App?

This is how you can set up Secure Lock For Apps to protect your YouTube account from a curious friend:

Step 1- Install Secure Lock For Apps – Protect your Privacy from Google Play Store. The application takes a mere 4.2 MB of space.

Step 2- Fire up the App Locker on your Android Smartphone & it would ask you to set a password.

Step 3- Enter a strong passcode, and confirm it again.

How To Use Secure Lock For Apps

Step 4- Next, you’ll be asked to Enter a Recovery Email. This would help you further in restoring a password, in case you forget it anytime.  So, enter a valid Email Address and tap the Save button.

Step 5-  Secure Lock for Apps would ask you to grant the necessary permission.

Step 6- Once you Enable the Accessibility permission, you can go ahead by locking YouTube or other apps on your smartphone.

Step 7 – Now, you’ll be displayed with the list of all the applications stored on your phone.  Locate YouTube or other applications and tap on the Lock button next to the app icon to protect it.

How To Use Secure Lock

That’s all! Now YouTube & all other apps you selected are behind a password.

How To Lock YouTube App Using Your Smartphone’s Built-In Feature?

Note this, not all the versions of Android OS have app-lock capability as a built-in feature. But certain OEMs such as OnePlus, Huawei, Vivo and Xiaomi come with app-lock feature incorporated into Settings of the smartphone.

To find out, whether your mobile phone comes with a built-in app locker feature, you can either go skimming the user-manual, do Google or check out the phone settings completely (under Security, Privacy or Apps section). Some devices even come with pre-installed applications like Phone Master that allows users to boost device performance, clear junk & manage app locking. In case, your device doesn’t have a built-in option to lock apps separately, go for downloading a third-party app locker like Secure Lock For Apps that puts a password on YouTube and other apps!

App Lock

Bottom Line

It’s not like everyone has something to hide, but these days we all carry a virtual record of our lives into our pockets. Our phones have a lot of information and personal data that we don’t want anyone to see. Using a dedicated app locker like Secure Lock For Apps comes as the best bet to keep your private content to yourself. Having said that, just install the app, put a password on YouTube & other private applications and fearlessly hand over your smartphones to your kids or other people.

If you have some other method to lock the YouTube app, let us know in the comment section below. We’re always in the lookout for cool tips, tricks & hacks for Android!

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