How to Remove Noise from Photos on Android?

How to Remove Noise from Photos on Android?

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Photography has become a hobby for many, especially with high end and powerful cameras in our smartphones. While there are a few who think that photography can only be done with a DSLR, most of us just take out the smartphone and start clicking. The Smartphones have also gone through a revolution when it comes to the camera module with Nokia’s PureView boasting of five cameras and others like One Plus 7t with a 48-megapixel camera. However, no matter how different camera specifications might be, there is one common problem of noise. grainy and distorted photos which lead to a common question across the globe: “How to remove noise from photos on Android?””

When you talk about Noise in context with photography, it refers to the grains like dots available on the photo, which make it feel distorted and unclear. It means that certain pixels were not appropriately captured, and this leads to misrepresentation of the image. This problem has been identified in all digital cameras as well as smartphone cameras, meaning there isn’t a single brand that can guarantee a spotless image. This grainy appearance makes the photo blur and unattractive.

Digital images can gather noise or clusters and appear grainy due to many reasons. This effect is present in all pictures clicked but are not visible in most of them as the percentage is very less.Some of the most common reasons include lighting issues like Low or High, Device settings, compromised equipment, very high ISO settings, long exposing images.

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Steps On How To Remove Noise From Photos On Android?

Photo Noise Reduction Software

The best way to remove noise from images is to use a Photo Noise Reduction Software that can reduce if not eliminate the noise and grainy effect from your already clicked photos and give you sharp and clear images in no time. Many such applications claim to sharpen your pictures, but I recommend a tried and tested software, The Photo Noise Reducer Pro, which as per my experience has made some of my photos spotless. This application has a robust algorithm running in the backend, which cleans certain pixels of the image that have not been captured or depicted accurately without compromising any part of the photo or the overall quality.

Photos Noise Reducer

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Why Should I Choose Photo Noise Reducer Pro?

Photo Noise Reducer Pro

That is the most obvious question, and the answer to that is explained in the features & benefits listed below:

Easy to Use:

Removing Noise from photos can also be done manually using Adobe Photoshop provide you have purchased the software and know the technicalities on how to use it. On the other hand, decluttering images withPhoto Noise Reducer Pro is a matter of few taps only.

Free Application:

As of now, Photo Noise Reducer Pro is available for free to download and install from the Google Play Store.

Multiple Platforms:

This application can be used on four major platforms Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS.

Preview of Image:

Photo Noise Reducer Pro allows users to compare the modified image with the original before saving so that you can make further changes if required.

Multiple Levels: One of the best features available in Photo Noise Reducer Pro is the fact that it has three levels of settings to reduce the noise. Users can choose from Light, Medium and Custom levels and apply them on a particular image. Sometimes over fixing the image ruins the photos.

De-noise as you click. Photo Noise Reducer Pro allows users to use an in-built camera app within the software that enables the user to click and remove the noise and fix at the same time. The result is always a picture-perfect photo.

Image Smoothening. Another add-on to this app is the Smooth Slider which enables the users to fine-tune the smoothness on the pictures and make them perfect. It involves selecting any image and move the slider with the changes reflecting almost instantly. Once you have the desired result, click on Save to save the image.

The Final Word On How To Remove Noise From Photos On Android?

Many factors can ruin our precious memories like noise, blur, grains, spots etc. Most of these issues can be fixed by Photo Noise Reducer Pro and that too on our Android device. There is no need to understand the deep and intriguing concepts of Adobe Photoshop. A few taps and then moving the slider towards left or right can put life back in our photos and save them.

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