Secure Your Apps In Android With Secure Lock App

Secure Your Apps In Android With Secure Lock App

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You can always lock your Android smartphone with a screen lock and protect your apps from prying eyes. But there are times when you provide your phone to the service center, your children, or your friends for something or other and wish if some of the apps were locked instead of the entire phone. This is now possible by using Systweak’s Secure Lock for Apps.

Lock Apps In Android: Secure Lock For Apps


The Secure Lock for Apps is an application that helps users to choose what applications they wish to lock in their smartphone. This way, even if you hand over your unlocked phone to someone, they will not be able to access your locked apps. This is useful for locking the gallery and social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. There are other ways this app can be handy, and this is highlighted by the features listed below.

Secure Lock For Apps: Features


Easy To Use

While considering any app to install, one of the most important features is the ease of use. Apps gain popularity when they have a simple interface and are convenient to use. Secure Lock for Apps requires a few taps that are self-explanatory and can be used by anyone.

Light Weight App

The second most important feature to consider while selecting an app after its ease of use is how much resources it would consume. Secure Lock for Apps is a lightweight app that consumes minimal resources, especially battery, and does not hamper the phone’s performance.

Dual Lock Mode

Secure Lock for Apps allows users to unlock their apps by either using the 4 digit passcode or using the fingerprint ID setup in their Android device. The fingerprint unlock feature makes it an easy and swift process to unlock the apps and saves remembering one more passcode.

Pin Recovery

If you forgot the 4 digit pin, then this app can send you a recovery email in no time.

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Secure Lock For Apps: Specifications


Systweak Software




4.1 & up




4.3 MB



Secure Lock For Apps: How To Use?

Secure Lock for Apps is very convenient and swift to use. To lock some of your apps, follow these steps:

Step 1: Download and Install Secure Lock for Apps from the Google Play Store.

Image Credits: Google

Step 2: Once you have installed the app, open it, and it will ask you to set a four-digit pin, which is the primary method of locking the apps.

enter passcode

Note: you can set the finger print ID later from the App settings.

Step 3: A list of all apps installed on your smartphone will be displayed on the mobile screen. Click on the lock button next to the app you wish to lock.

Step 4: The app will be locked, and you can test is by opening the app after exiting from Secure Lock for Apps. To access this app, you will have to use the Passcode/Pin set up initially.

Step 5: To unlock any app, launch the app, and click on the lock icon next to the app.

Note: There will be an open lock icon when the app is not locked, and a different closed lock icon when the app is locked by Secure Lock for Apps.


Step 6: To enable the FingerPrint ID, make sure that this feature is already set in your phone, and then tap on the three horizontal lines on the upper left corner to view the Settings where you can toggle it on. You can also change your recovery email from here.


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Your Thoughts On How To Secure Your Apps In Android By Locking Them

Secure Lock for Apps is a fantastic software that can lock apps for your, a feature that should be available by default in the Android operating system. Until Google develops this feature and rolls out an update, the only option is to use an app like Secure Lock for Apps for free and lock the banking, social media, and other important apps.

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