How To Set Video Wallpaper On Windows 10: Quick Steps

How To Set Video Wallpaper On Windows 10: Quick Steps

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Ever thought of how to set video wallpaper on Windows 10? When it comes to choosing background on Windows, you have options such as picture or slideshow of pictures & now you can add video too. Adding the live wallpaper to the desktop not only changes the look but also makes it more productive. You can choose from the options available or select one of your own video files. It’s very simple to set a video wallpaper on the desktop for Windows 10. Changing your desktop’s usual look will be certainly more interesting.

However, if your computer is running at its optimum speed, using a video wallpaper is not a good option. But don’t worry, it can be sorted by using an optimization tool. One such tool, Advanced System Optimizer can help you enhance the performance of your computer in no time. Then, you can choose a video or set of videos as your background wallpaper. In this post you will find different methods to set a video as wallpaper on Windows 10.

3 Ways to Set Video as Wallpaper On Windows 10 Background Screen

1. Using VLC player:

Using VLC player to put video as wallpaper is a cakewalk.

Follow these steps to set video as wallpaper on Windows 10

  • Open the VLC player.
  • Go to Media>Open file. Select a video file from your local storage and play it.
  • Now from top bar, go to Video>Set as wallpaper.

VLC player

Right after the action, you will see the video playing on the desktop and you can continue working on other applications.

2. Using Desktop Live Wallpaper

Let’s get started with the Microsoft App Desktop Live Wallpaper. It has multiple options to choose from, the list includes the videos of animals, nature etc. You can also work to put your videos on the desktop of your computer.

video wallpaper

Get it from Microsoft Store, you can use the free version which lets you add the video files present on your system. It asks you to browse through video files from the available ones. You can also download the videos from the links given within the app for more options.

  • Once you finish the installation, launch the app.
  • Go to Settings from the main menu.
  • Under General, Turn on the toggle switch to launch live wallpaper on Windows startup, so you do not have to apple the wallpaper every time you boot your computer.
  • To save energy, turn on the display warning to remind you whenever the video wallpaper is utilizing more resources.
  • Select the wallpaper fit from the options.
  • Upload your video file to set it as a wallpaper via the Browse folder option on the home page of the app.

3. Using Push video Wallpapers

An online solution to provide you with a range of videos for desktop wallpaper. Push Video Wallpapers is easy to download and it runs a background video wallpaper as soon it is set up. This is a paid app with a free trial version available to let you decide if you wish to get it. The use is pretty easy, and it comes with a sample video as a wallpaper on the desktop on your system. You can add more videos as a wallpaper by browsing your computer. It will give you the option to pause the video while running the Windows applications on full screen. Thus saving the time and any chances of interference with another app.

Push video Wallpapers

The most amazing thing about this app is the video playlist. Besides playing a single video file on repeat for your wallpaper, you can add the videos as a list. It will keep playing with the order provided to the app.

  • Launch the app after the complete set up.
  • Run the sample video from the Main Menu.
  • To set a video wallpaper on Windows 10, click on addition sign on the bottom right corner.
  • Browse the video file from your local storage.
  • In settings, you can choose to enable the video wallpaper on start up.
  • Visibility of desktop icons can be changed from the settings.
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As a bonus tip you can use YouTube video to act as video wallpaper for Windows 10.

Similarly, you can play videos on YouTube in the background of your desktop. All you need to do is play a video on YouTube and play on full screen, then press the keys ALT + TAB together. Now you can stream the YouTube video in the back while surfing the net or running programs over it. It is not exactly the desktop wallpaper for Windows, but the video plays as the home screen on full display.


Being able to put videos as desktop wallpaper is much more attractive. As to watch the slo-mo sunsets or a bud turning into a flower would be a delight to look at while you are working. Now you know simple ways to set video wallpapers on Desktop on Windows 10. Use any of the above mentioned ways to set videos as wallpaper on Windows 10.

Also, you can stop users from changing desktop wallpaper on Windows when working on a shared computer.

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