How To Show Profile Picture Instead Of Video While On Zoom Meeting

How To Show Profile Picture Instead Of Video While On Zoom Meeting

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Zoom Video Calling App has become a primary tool for remote meetings. But not everyone is comfortable in sharing the video glimpse until & unless it’s required. Some people prefer to show their profile pictures instead of video while in a Zoom meeting. So, how can one do that?

Well, keep reading our guide to find the answer, where will discuss the step by step process of “How to Show Profile Picture Instead Of Video While on Zoom Meeting?”

Zoom Meeting Hack: Show Profile Picture Instead Of Video On PC

Though, you can always disable the video while on a conference call, which gets replaced by your ‘Name’ by default. But in case you want to replace your name by your Profile Picture, here are two simple ways to do that:

METHOD 1 – Add Picture Before Joining The Zoom Meeting

Here’s a way you can change or add a picture in Zoom Video Conference On PC:

STEP 1- Launch Zoom desktop app & hit your Profile name, located at the top-right corner.

STEP 2- Choose the option ‘Change My Picture’ from the menu.

STEP 3- A soon as you click the option, you’ll be redirected to the web version of the Zoom Video Conferencing app. On the same window, click on the ‘Change’ icon.

Add Picture Before Joining The Zoom Meeting

STEP 4- Now click on the Upload option & add a picture of your choice. Adjust the picture accordingly & click on the Save button.

STEP 5- Once you’ve saved your profile picture, head towards your Zoom desktop app. Now you should see your Profile Picture in place of Name at the top-right corner.

Now when you participate in the Zoom Meeting, you have to disable the video by clicking Turn off my video. You can also right-click on the video & select Stop Video option. This would successfully disable the video & show your Profile Picture while in a Zoom Meeting Conference call.

METHOD 2- Show Profile Picture Instead Of Video During Zoom Meeting

If you are between the Zoom Meeting, you want to show your profile picture instead of the live video. Just right-click on your preview screen & choose the option ‘Add or Edit Profile Picture.’ This would stop the video for a moment & your live video preview would be replaced by your profile picture.

Show Profile Picture Instead Of Video During Zoom Meeting

Zoom Meeting Hack: Show Profile Picture Instead Of Video On Mobile App

If you attend the video conference call using the Zoom Mobile App, then here’s what you need to do on your Android or iPhone to show a profile picture instead of a video.

STEP 1-Launch the Zoom app on your smartphone & hit the Settings menu.

STEP 2- From Settings, tap on your name. If you have already set the profile picture, you need to tap on it to view it in full size.

STEP 3- If you’ve not added a Zoom Profile Picture, you can add an image from your gallery or click a new one.

Now click on the ‘Stop Video’ icon to show your profile picture instead of video during a Zoom Meeting.

Show Profile Picture Instead Of Video On Mobile App

Bonus Zoom Meeting Hacks

Check out some other hacks you can apply while using Zoom Video Conference App:

Want To Always Show Profile Pictures Instead Of Video? Here’s The Trick!

To make sure your video preview screen is always off & your profile picture is still visible while on a Zoom Meeting, here’s what you need to do:

  • Launch your Zoom Video Call App on your Android or iPhone.
  • Head towards Settings & go to the Video
  • Locate the option – “Turn off my video when joining a meeting” & check on the box in front of the option.

This will always show your Zoom Profile Picture instead of Video every time you join a Zoom meeting!

Want To Change Zoom Profile Picture? Here Are The Steps!

Removing or changing the Zoom Profile Picture is super easy. You just need to head towards its web version to make the changes.

  • Navigate to the following Zoom web version
  • You need to log in with your Zoom credentials.
  • Then, go to My Account tab, located at the top of the window.
  • Hit Change or Delete option under your Zoom Profile Picture.

Want To View Someone Else’s Zoom Profile Picture? Here Are The Steps!

While in a Zoom meeting, it’s possible to view profile pictures of other users. But this method only works if you’ve hosted the Zoom meeting.

  • Simply right-click on the video screen of the person you want to see Zoom Profile Picture of & choose Stop Video

Note: You need to give the other person permission yet again to let them see the video after you select the Stop Video option.

Want To Create Your Personal Zoom Account Link? Here’s How You Can Do It!

Well, Zoom video conference app lets users create the custom URL of their account, to do so:

  • Head towards the Zoom web portal & go to ‘view your profile.’
  • Now locate the Personal link section to find the Customize
  • You can enter between 5 to 40 characters (including numbers, letters & other symbols).
  • Save the changes!

That’s all! You can start sharing your custom URL of the Zoom account!

Want To Hide Other Users With Their Zoom Profile Picture? Here’s The Trick!

While in a Zoom meeting, you see participants hiding their video preview, there’s a way you can protect such users. Sure, they can remain a part of the conference call. To hide those non-video participants, follow the steps below:

  • Simply right-click on the preview screen of the users you want to hide.
  • Select the option “Hide Non-Video Participants.”
  • To see those participants again, all you have to do is: Hit the option ‘Total Non-Video Participants’> ‘Show Non-Video Participants.’

That’s all, folks!

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