How To Update Graphics Driver In Windows 10, 8, 7

How To Update Graphics Driver In Windows 10, 8, 7

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Software drivers always play an important role in the smooth functioning of your computer. Hence, we cannot ignore importance of regularly updated PC drivers. If you play games or work in graphic or 3d designing, you must certainly have a high end graphic card installed on your computer. But, sometimes it becomes really annoying when you try to run a game or program and you get an error message. To deal with this, you need to update Graphics driver in Windows. In this article we will discuss what a graphics driver is and how you can update it.

What Is a Graphics Driver?

Graphics driver is a set of software which controls video streaming or graphic acceleration on your computer to give you enhanced and better video quality.

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How To Update Graphics Driver?

To update your graphic driver or any other, you can follow any of the two steps listed below.

1. Recommended Method: Updating Graphics Driver Using Advanced Driver Updater

The quickest way to update any outdated drivers on your PC is certainly Advanced Driver Updater. You can download and install this software from below. It is compatible with Windows 8/7/10 and is extremely easy to use. In the first scan it tells you how old your drivers are and which one of those need to be updated critically.  Not only this, you can also schedule a scan using thing software. So that it can automatically scan your system without your intervention. This software also helps you to take backup of your drivers in case something goes wrong after new updates.

advanced driver updater

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2. Alternate Method : Updating Your Graphic Driver Manually

To update your graphics driver manually you can follow these steps.

  1. Right click on my computer and head to properties. You will find Device manager on left hand side pane.
    device manager
  2. You will find all the devices and hardware attached to your computer.
  3. Now click on Display adapters. You will find graphics card attached to your system here.
  4. Right click on the graphic card listed here and click on update drive software.
    update driver software
  5. Now you can allow the wizard to search for the latest driver automatically or you can choose a location from where you want to update the driver such as from a CD ROM.
    search for driver updaterdriver software updated
  6. Once your system find the correct driver click on update driver. After this you may see a pop up to restart your computer.
  7. A restart is strongly recommended, so if you are having some important files open on your computer then save them first and click on restart.

After restarting your system, your driver will be updated and probably you will not get any error messages related to driver now.

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So this is how you can enhance performance of your computer. Updating drivers is perfect way to get the best output from your current hardware.

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