How to View Private Instagram Without Human Verification [2020]?

How to View Private Instagram Without Human Verification 2020


Wondering if there’s a way to see private Instagram photos, stories or videos? Well, to surprise you, there are actually a number of methods that can help you to check out personal private accounts, without following them. There has been a huge increase in such websites and tools that exchange money or asks you to complete simple surveys to view private Insta accounts.

Today, we’ll be telling you certain methods that would assist you in viewing Private Instagram Profiles Without Human Verification & Surveys.

How To View Private Instagram Profile and Stories Without Human Verification & Survey?

Here we’ve summarised some of the easiest methods by which you can view private Instagram profile accounts.

Method 1- Ask The Specific Account Directly

One of the safest (& legitimate) ways to view someone’s private Instagram profile, is by asking them directly by sending a follow request. Keep patience & wait for them to approve it. You might get lucky if they get connected with you & that way you should be able to see their photos, videos & stories instantly. Be genuine & real so that the person feels right about you!

Ask The Specific Account Directly

Method 2- Form a Fake Insta ID

Not recommended method, as it invites to be one of the most unethical means to intrude someone.

However, if the above-mentioned method doesn’t work for you, you can try creating a fake Instagram profile that might get accepted so that you can
view private instagram without human verification i.e photos & posts. The method is accepted widely to view private IG profiles without human verification.

Tips for creating a fake Instagram profile:

  • Try to make it look real.
  • Add an interactive bio to attract visitors.
  • Upload pictures that reflect current trends.
  • Make your ID private so that,the next person may feel curious to approve your follow request.

How To Make Instagram Account Private?

  • Go to your Insta Profile & tap on the ‘three-horizontal bar’ menu, located at the top-right corner.
  • Go to Settings > Scroll down to locate the ‘Private account’ option.
  • Toggle next to it to make your IG Profile private.

Forming a fake Insta ID increases the probability to help you see someone’s Instagram stories without them knowing. On the same side, it can increase the chances of getting blocked!

Form a Fake Insta ID to view private instagram profile

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Method 3 – Search Username On Google Images

There’s a slight probability that the very person you’re trying to reach can be found on Google Images. Chances are that he or she might have shared some of their photos on other social media platforms before they’ve switched on their privacy settings. Try searching on, you might get lucky to view private profiles!

Search Username On Google Image

Method 4 –  See Private Instagram Photos, Videos & Stories Through A Friend

If you are connected with someone who follows the private Instagram you wish to check out, then you can always access or ask the person to help you view the IG account.

Final Thoughts

With all the aforementioned methods you can try seeing someone’s private Instagram account. If you try and anyhow you find any of the Instagram private account viewer tools working for you, do let us know your experience in the comment section below!

Disclaimer: The article has been written for educational purposes only. Systweak is not affiliated with any of these Private Profile Account Tools/Websites & nor we support invading someone’s privacy.

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