Impact Of Blockchain On Food Industry And Farming

Impact Of Blockchain On Food Industry And Farming


Can We Track Where Food Comes From?

Owing to the concept of being educated and knowing the whereabouts of everything, many companies and organizations have now started to launch services that educate consumers and shoppers to gain knowledge of food items including their journey from farm to fork. It, however, depends upon the transparency of the retailers.

While purchasing food and vegetables from any supermarket, we usually see the country where the item was grown and packed.

Have you ever felt the need of knowing in which conditions the food was cultivated? Many companies have started giving details about the cultivation of the food items since it gets easy to find reasons, if any problem occurs. It, however, is too difficult to track any item in a step-by-step manner. Here comes the need of Blockchain for food service industry.

With Blockchain in agriculture and food industry, every step from cultivation to retailers and then supermarkets will be tracked and even the smallest issues can easily be tracked.

Is the Food We Eat Safe? How to Lower Down Food Frauds:

There have been many food frauds in recent times. The deadly E. Coli outbreak that happened due to the romaine lettuce grown in Arizona. The outbreak spread across almost 35 states in the U.S taking many lives and affecting hundreds of people.

If we, integrate Blockchain in agriculture and food industry, it will reduce and fix the food frauds. This will be achievable since every component of the finished food will be easily identified with Blockchain and hence frauds at any stage will easily be detected and rectified.

In addition, it will also help users to gain knowledge about food items and hence will aid in building the trust level.

blokchcain in agriculture

Blockchain For Food Service and Blockchain In Agriculture: Some Examples of How It Will Work:

Smart agriculture solution is the answer to it. Smart agriculture solutions aid in increasing the productivity as well as addresses the demand for food. These smart solutions are booming in current times and there are predictions that the industry could have a worth of almost 27 USD billion by 2020.

If we go with what farmers have to say, integrating Blockchain in agriculture will be a game changer and its impact will be huge.

Say, for example, there is a meat-selling company that describes the impact of Blockchain statistics on the overall working of the company.

Blockchain helps in controlling the entire processing starting from the time when the animals were brought to the factory to the time they were available for sale. With Blockchain technology, it gets easy to assure customers of the hygiene and standards a company abides by. It is also easy to detect and rectify any kind of issues that arise in the entire process.

Blockchain in food service industry also elevates the fruit and vegetable certification process.

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What About the Increasing Prices of Food?

Since Blockchain tracks every step on in its eco-system, the cost incurred in paper work can easily be cut-down. Not just this Blockchain in food service industry also eradicates the need of mediators thus eliminates their transaction fee.

Decentralization in Blockchain technology also helps smaller industries to compete with large firms.

Along with this, Blockchain also optimizes farming. This happens since farmers get educated about the necessary information, essential resources to have higher yields. This not only cuts down the prices also increases the food quality.

But wouldn’t farmers be out of pocket at lower prices?

No, the presence of smart contracts in Blockchain technology ensures that the farmers are paid well enough and timely. Using the technology, farmers can even have a larger market share for their fresh produce. It also helps hard-working farmers to shift from price takers to price setters.

Blockchain in food service industry helps famous brands to stand out and gives them opportunities to explain why their products are better from others.

Is there any way to get fresh food on store shelves faster?

If there are shortcomings in the supply chain, delayed delivery of food items to the markets will occur. It, however, can easily be controlled by integrating Blockchain technology, since it will automate the entire process.

Integrating Blockchain will also reduce the wastage since the farmers and the sellers can communicate easily to handle the supply demand chain.

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