IoT chain: Blockchain Based Operating System

IoT chain: Blockchain Based Operating System


The growing acceptance of Internet of Things and the budding technology of Artificial Intelligence, used for connecting and interacting different devices and gadgets are paving way for a new kind of network. Typically, transaction speed and device synchronization among devices are the major concerns for IoT users. To solve these problems and revamp network architecture, a basic network for IoT has been created, termed as IoT chain.

What is IoT Chain?

IoT Chain (ITC) is a lite operating system based on Blockchain concept that uses technology like PBFT, DAG, SPV and CPS. This process allows data to be layered and stockpiled in a decentralized manner that offers protection via millions of IoT nodes within the network. The project is planning to work on the safety aspects and resolve external disturbances by not compromising user’s privacy.

What is IoT Chain

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This development allows sharing of IoT in a decentralized manner, which not only offers energy efficient milieu but also produces valuable user data used as a fuel for AI development. This means, efficient interconnection of IoT devices at home, for business and for town with zero transfer congestion, malicious attacks and more privacy!

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Technologies Used in This Platform

Asymmetric encryption technologies: This technology is largely used to determine highest level of security and hence, give reliability in network. Also, the decentralized Blockchain structure helps IoT users from anonymous hacking and conceal the data of the users.

PBFT protocol and DAC: To enhance productivity, this IoT chain design uses directional DAC acyclic subnet and PBFT protocol that provides lakhs of concurrent operations.

Centralized data centers: This signifies large amount of data available in the company, where this new platform divides or splits the information stored in their system. How? They are converted into smart contracts, which permits network members to individually store the data without any interference.

How is This Technology Going to Be Helpful?

How is This Technology Going to Be Helpful

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To build a reliable, stable and scalable network for users in IoT, these technologies are essential to develop an IoT chain platform. Also, the application spectrum of this development is large enough to create considerable potential for the platform. From cryptic security in our IoT network, to right control of data to its legal owner and to offer stability and speed for data transfer, this platform is helpful in right manner.

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The project is yet to be launched but the cards are already placed for its application. Initially, the platform will be used in lighting system. Possibly next year, the project will be actively used in the electronic instruments and related equipment of households. As far as long-term plans are considered, the technology will be used in industrial production. This was all about IoT chain. If you have any opinion to share, don’t hesitate to comment in the section below.

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