iPhone Storage Full? 5 Ways to Free up Space in iPhone

iPhone Storage Full? 5 Ways to Free up Space in iPhone

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Have you exhausted your iPhone space that you cannot save anything now? Or maybe you are trying to take a photo but got a low memory warning!
iPhone users need not worry. There is no need to spend dollars to upgrade the device.  Here we have got you ways and means to sort this problem and recover space in your iPhone. Take a look!

What is Taking up More Space?

taking-up-more-space on iPhone

Before deleting anything randomly on your device, find out the space eating applications and programs on your iPhone. Go to Settings tab> General> Storage and iCloud Usage. Under the Storage option, choose Manage Storage. It will display the space consumed, space left, and more space occupying apps.

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These below mention tips help to free up more space on iPhone.

Delete Duplicate Photos :-

Duplicate photos clog space in iPhone very easily. Due to the backing up of photos and sharing them on social network, it leads to the formation of duplicate and similar looking photos.

Duplicate photos can occupy gigabytes of space unnecessarily. Use Duplicate Photos Fixer to remove similar looking photos and recover loads of unexpected space in your iPhone.

It has following features:

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  • Scans for duplicate photos instantly

  • Various scanning modes to easily search similar looking photos

  • Displays results group-wise for easy deletion of photos.

  • Exclude folders which you do not want to scan

  • Preview before deleting photos

  • Auto-marking feature to delete photos automatically

  • Organized photo-gallery

Delete old Podcasts:-



Podcasts are interesting and received regularly on iPhone automatically. But they take up space quickly. Change the podcasts setting to limit the space they take up. Under “limit episodes” you can change settings to receive 2 or 3 episodes. Also, change settings to automatically delete played episodes.

Store Photos and Videos on Cloud:-

It is easier to take pictures with a smartphone without even thinking. The problem that comes is in storing them in a limited amount of space.  Consider storing them on Cloud. Storing media on Cloud gives an advantage of anytime anywhere access along with the enhanced security.

Try Right Backup Anywhere to save pictures on Cloud. It provides easy backup of all files present in the device. It has easy restoration process and automatic scheduler for backing up files.

Manage Music Library:-


There must be so many albums, songs on your iPhone which you never cared to listen and look for. Delete unwanted albums and music files to regain space.  To delete music file, swipe a song from right to left, and click the delete button.

Clear Out Safari Cache:-

iPhone users use Safari browser to browse the web. The cache accumulates within the browser when users surf the web. A cache memory is a place to store data temporarily in the device to access it quickly. It is important to clear the cache memory regularly to free up megabytes of space.

Stop auto play videos on Facebook iPhone App

Go to Settings> Safari> Clear History and Website Data. An  d it’s done!

Switch to Automatic Deletion of Messages:-


Delete older messages from your iPhone. Messages should be removed automatically from the iPhone to free up space.  Go to Settings> Messages. Under the Keep Message option, select 30 days or 1 year.  This option is easier to delete messages rather than deleting them manually.

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Also, change the settings for video and audio messages. Set them to expire after two minutes or never.

Try the above-mentioned ways to make room for new stuff on your iPhone.  These tricks will surely help in regaining loads of space. No more low memory issues!

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