Is It Possible To Secure Empty Trash On Mac?

Is It Possible To Secure Empty Trash On Mac?

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Macs have a reputation of lasting longer than others. You might think of replacing mac not because of reduced performance but for upgraded operating system. However, when you are replacing mac you’d certainly delete your files and folders. You think deleting  files will ensure their safety, then you are definitely mistaken. You need to secure empty trash on mac before selling it. This will ensure that anyone cannot retrieve your files and misuse them.

What Is Secure Empty Trash?

When we delete files from trash, we are just emptying it. There is no surety that it has been erased and gone for good! With use of efficient recovery software, all of it can be recovered. Simply put, any data on your mac can be recovered unless it has been overwritten. This is the reason why you need secure empty trash on mac. By securing your mac, you are basically making them unrecoverable by including a series of zeros and ones(Binary combination) over deleted files. This feature was used to be available on OS X Yosemite and earlier. However, this was discontinued as the later as it didn’t work on flash drives.

What Is Secure Empty Trash
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How To Secure Empty Trash On OS X Yosemite and Earlier?

If you are someone who is still using OS X Yosemite and earlier, then you can easily use built in features to secure empty trash on Mac. All you have to do is follow the steps given below and the rest will be taken care of !

Drag files to trash and then select Finder. Furthermore, from the drop down list, choose “Secure Empty Trash.” This will automatically secure your empty trash on Mac. also, remember that when you secure empty trash, it takes a bit longer than just deleting them.

Securely Empty Trash on OX El Capitan with Terminal

Since the feature of securely emptying trash was removed from this version onwards, you’ll have to do so via terminal commands. Follow the steps given below to do the same!

  • Open terminal.
  • Enter srm -v{space}. Make sure you enter space and do not hit enter.
  • Drag file from finder to terminal.
  • Your command will be modified by doing this and then hit enter.
  • This will secure the deleted files in trash.
Securely Empty Trash on OX El Capitan with Terminal

Secure Empty Trash mac Sierra

The option of securing deleted files via command mode was removed for macOS Sierra users. If you are someone who needs it then we’d recommend you to encrypt the entire disk with FileVault. Also, there are certain third-party tools with which deleting your files securely is possible. For this, TuneupMyMac is the best available option. Read further and get to know about it in detail.

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This is one of the best tools available for optimizing your Mac. You can easily enhance performance of your system via advanced and powerful features included in this. Yes, manual decluttering is an option, but consumes too much time and efforts. For this, we need one full-fledged tool that has optimization power like no other, TuneupMyMac. It not only secures empty trash but is capable of doing several other things.

Secure Deleted Files and Folders

It has a shredder because of which the files and folders deleted cannot be retrieved by any third party. This way, you privacy is never at stake and the deleted files remain out of reach for everyone.

Secure Deleted Files and Folders

There are several other features in tool which makes it an optimal choice for optimizing the performance of your Mac and secure empty trash. Give this one a try and you’ll definitely find it worthy.

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