Is the Dark Theme Rat Race Really Worth it?

Is the Dark Theme Rat Race Really Worth it?

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Nowadays, everybody is using dark themes as they are recently made available for most devices and platforms. For smartphone users, a bunch of third-party apps are providing dark themes on devices for quite some time. You can see the dark mode in your phones on apps like Facebook Messenger, Gboard, YouTube, Google Calendar, Google News and Amazon Kindle app.

With Android Q and iOS 13, the dark theme will be an inbuilt feature for both Android and iPhone. The theme could be then applied to the native apps. Google has made Dark Mode available for YouTube for starters. For third-party apps, both Android & iPhone users have an option to choose Dark Mode. As with 1809 version of Windows, users can use dark mode full-fledged.  Apple has also announced the dark mode for MacOS with the upcoming upgrade 10.15, Catalina.

Note: Some people claim that Smart Invert is a dark mode for iPhone and MacOS, however, it is not right.  Smart Invert just inverts all the colors on the screen.

We come to discuss how is it any different from the regularly used theme. Is it even making any difference for us or our devices? The light on a dark color scheme is preferred or dark on a light color scheme and here is why.

In the article, we are trying to understand the effects of Dark themes on our lives.

What Is The Use Of Dark Mode?

Against the perception that it is somehow beneficial for us, people use dark theme because it’s a new alternative to use. Dark screen is good for AMOLED displays that are mostly the case with smartphones or tablets. They use dark grey color as the theme and not black. The reason behind that is the contrast is to be maintained at low and it is not possible with the black color.

Dark Mode

Is Dark Theme Better For Eyes?

The common perception about Dark theme is that it is easy on the eyes. But Is it true that dark theme is better for eyes? Many scientific studies have shown that dark text on a light background is much better than light text on a dark background. So as per these studies, the claim of it being easy on the eyes is a little dubious. The wide range of colors which will always work with the light background doesn’t seem to be working with a dark background.

dark themes

Thus, we can say it is better to use dark themes when you are in a dim-light environment. The recourse is good for the times when you are using a screen which is not under a bright light.  As the reflections can cause the eye strain on dark themes.

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Is Dark Mode Better For Device’s Battery?

In certain devices, the power can be saved by using dark themes as they use lesser brightness. The devices which use OLED, CRT, LCD displays it is good for them to use a dark theme as it effectively saves energy consumption. The ratio of the power consumption for light on a dark theme is much more than the dark on a light color theme. Hence, the OLED display smart devices tend to have a better battery life working on dark theme. The screen time contributes majorly to the usage of power and using a dark theme will help in saving power.

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social fever


It is good to have choices to make a selection according to one’s need. People should be given the customization aid to create a more user-friendly interface. It is advisable to use the dark theme at night time, to read or browse. Most apps and websites are still available with the light background so the usage minimum as shifting can cause eye-strain. Dark theme is recommended to be used in a dark environment and otherwise you can still stick to your light theme.

What do you feel about Dark theme?  Please mention your thoughts in the comments section below.

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