Is your PC at Risk with Newly Found Ransomware Virus?

Is your PC at Risk with Newly Found Ransomware Virus?


Have you ever experienced the situation when you are trying to open a file, a picture, or some document, and it doesn’t open up or ask for a password? Well, the possible reason behind it is presence of virus in your system.

Virus is a program which takes access to the system through documents or email attachments. Virus multiplies itself in number to infect the system without the knowledge of the user and takes control over it to steal the sensitive information.

Virus might steal your data, make it slow, and corrupt applications.


Malware is a type of program that consists of viruses, worms and infecting elements within it. It is designed to extract and exploit the useful information of the user from the system.

Malware takes access to the computer systems through emails, virus- infected files, and instant messages. Ransomware is also a kind of malware. Ransomware seizes the system of a victim by locking valuable photos, important documents, and taking complete control of the system.

How Ransomware Attacks System:

Ransomware will Lock your data and ask for Money to open it:

Ransomware hijacks the data of the system in order to obtain a ransom amount from the victim. The attack takes place by encryption technique.  Encryption is a process by which electronic data is converted into another form by reordering or substituting characters, symbols, and numbers so that only authorized person or parties can understand the actual meaning. The attacker encrypts the data on the victim’s system and decrypts it only when that ransom amount demanded by the attacker is paid.

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Decryption is a reverse process of encryption. It is the process of converting the data into its original form as it was before encryption. Decryption process requires a secret key or password. The authorized person who has decryption key can only convert it back to its original form. Thus, an attacker has that decryption key for which he demands a big fat amount of money from the victim for restoring the valuable data on his system.

There is no need to be afraid. We have provided solution for this problem towards the end of the article.

First attack of Ransomware

The first time ransomware that took control on the internet was Cryptolocker ransomware in the year end 2013 which made the internet crippled for a long time. It entered into the system via emails. On downloading the attachments of emails, it started immediate scanning of network drives, renamed all the files and folders to encrypt them, and took control of the system.

Purpose of attacker

The attacker sends the victim an email ransom note demanding a large amount of ransom money in exchange for the private key. The ransom amount ranges from $25 to $600 depending upon the criminal group behind it.

The victim is asked to pay either in Bitcoin or send money through MoneyGram onto untraceable prepaid cards in Eastern European nations. The attacker also warns the user to pay the ransom within 24 hours else the private key for decryption process will be destroyed.

Right Backup Anywhere – Solution to Fight Against Ransomware Attack:

Security professionals are warning people on a daily basis about this ransomware and malware at the international level through campaigns, but hackers are too way smart. They have invented a new way, Ransomware attack, to fulfill their financial needs for their lawbreaking and criminal activities apart from the conventional credit card fraud practices.

The harmful attack of ransomware can be prevented by creating a backup of your data on a timely basis. Ransomware is troubling people because it attacks their valuable data. It is better to eliminate that reason which gives attackers opportunity to attack.

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 Right Backup Anywhere app offers users to create a backup of all the data on Cloud. It is so because the cloud service ensures high-end security through the use of encryption services. Right Backup Anywhere aims at:

  • Creating backup of all the data on Cloud
  • Quick restoration
  • Easy access to files
  • In-built scheduler to create backup automatically
  • Anytime, Anywhere Access.

As long as you are prepared, ransomware attack won’t be able to harm your system. Protect your system by using Right Backup Anywhere

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