Job Opportunities with Blockchain Technology

Job Opportunities with Blockchain Technology


In the age of IoT and Artificial Intelligence, which is planning to take over jobs and disrupt most of the leading industries, Blockchain technology is taking a different turn. As the digital currency market is expanding, the demand to develop distributed ledger technology is growing. As per the data released by LinkedIn regarding job hunting, the number of opportunities for Blockchain has tripled in the last 12 months. This development indicates high demand by commercial industries as well as opening of new jobs that never existed.

Requirements for on-demand blockchain skill are skyrocketing. For now, Blockchain-related jobs are the second-fastest growing in labor market. Simultaneously, the need for employees in the Blockchain industry has been on the intensified and is anticipated to flourish in the coming time. Some of the main job roles thriving in the Blockchain sector are Blockchain Engineer, Blockchain Developer and Blockchain Consultant. Here are a few careers in the Blockchain industry that will be in high demand.

  1. Digital Currency and Blockchain Investment Advisors, Marketers and Researchers

Blockchain technology is just 7 years old but has already imprinted its mark. The live example includes the large influx of people investing in cryptocurrencies. And then this is not the end as companies are also incorporating Blockchain prototypes into their businesses and in decentralized applications.

But how many of them actually understands this concept? Most of them have never dealt with the Blockchain or cryptocurrencies for real. Therefore, there is a constant demand for individuals/professionals who can crack some common as well as difficult problems that users experience while using Blockchain related applications and platforms.

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  1. Blockchain Data Analysts and Traders

The data related to stock market are presently available in raw form and analyst are using them based on the information given by numerous companies. None of the data are currently formed in the digital currency trading market. Blockchain data analysts can solve this problem as they can create data from the volume of transactions to the amount of transactions.

  1. Project manager

The task, in general, of project manager is to bring business to the company and plan, supervise and execute the project. While various leading companies are incorporating Blockchain technology to augment their businesses. For this, they need to communicate with leading Blockchain companies to generate innovative ideas and meet demand. Blockchain project manager comes here to the rescue as he will be directly responsible for converting Blockchain developer’s technical language into communicative businesses and vice versa.

  1. Blockchain Engineer and Developer

Whether it is banks, government agencies, financial institutions or tech companies, the demand for developers to run their blockchain platform is the highest among all. Engineers with blockchain technology experience are required to optimize the efficiency of their own businesses. There is a dire need for engineers that develop and write codes and run blockchain programs.

  1. Blockchain Lawyers

Since more and more businesses are using Blockchain technologies, the demand for lawyers who understands this technology and is aware of related laws is mounting. Companies are questioning the structure and governance of ICO’s and eyeballing for legal advice and guidance on problems that they might face in future while dealing with Blockchain/fintech.

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  1. Blockchain Web Designers

Every start-up or businesses investing in Blockchain wants to connect with their clients to inform them about this technology. The most preferred choice is creating a website that includes every minute details of Blockchain and related offers. For instance, cryptocurrency sales require a webpage as a platform to contact potential investors and tell them what their company offers and how safe the technology is. A web-designer can creatively develop web pages that new Blockchain related companies will find are necessary to have.

  1. Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)

A substitute to swiftly get started with this technology is to sign up with the blockchain cloud providers. Some of the popular services currently available in the market are IBM Blockchain and Microsoft Azure Blockchain. The advantage of using a cloud-based blockchain service is that it eliminates the complications while executing the service. This leads to better harnessing of technology, which can be used without the need to learn sophisticated skills.

Blockchain technology is constantly evolving and its applications can now be discovered in several start-ups and established businesses across numerous sectors including recruitment, healthcare, legal, transport and supply chain. Hence the employment opportunities are also increasing. These are some of the job openings currently available in the market but there is much to explore. If you know any of them, feel free to share and comment in the section below.

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