Newsletter : Journey & DownFall Of VR & No Intel Chips From 2020 For Mac

Newsletter : Journey & DownFall Of VR & No Intel Chips From 2020 For Mac



“This is the whole point of technology.  It creates an appetite for immortality on the one hand.  It threatens universal extinction on the other. Technology is lust removed from nature.” ~ Don DeLillo



Virtual Reality is going to get vanish into the black hole.


Looks like, it is not going anywhere. It is time to break up. Seems to be a line that you have heard many times whether in movies or real life. Here, it is for Virtual reality.

Virtual Reality, VR seems to be a promising thing but it seems like it is not for this era of tech. With Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Sony’s PlayStation VR headset and more, there are a lot of efforts made by tech giants to revive and flourish in VR field.

Virtual Reality has been there for enough time to get recognized but only the manufacturing companies have come up with games for VR. Moreover, no big gaming companies like Madden NFL have tried their luck. This also decreases the importance furthermore.

They also have a reason for it. If you think from gaming companies’ perspective, you will understand you can’t just put VR in an existing game as it needs to be changed for VR and this will definitely go to take time.


The limitations and restrictions have a tighter grip on the future of VR. Virtual reality headset seems to be more of a thing of future as they can’t be assimilated with the current gadgets.

So, let’s talk about Why part?

One of the reasons is Locomotion. Locomotion inside VR games and app is a big issue. While playing, you need to move around within virtual environments for which awkward point-and-click workarounds are needed.

Another thing which seems to be irritating is, you are connected to a computer via big cable. So, it is the biggest obstacle when you are playing your favorite game as the wire can tangle or can come out of its ports anytime. This can’t be fun, right?

Even if there will be wireless VR headsets, the early stage of them would be expensive, heavy and have seemingly other issues as well.

So thinking of an untethered solution as of now, seems to be an impossible thing.

The conclusion for now, as of now VR is limited to mobile handsets as these VRs are cheaper than others and can be used with less hassle. However, if it continues to work on only these short-term things, we are afraid to say that the future of VR is dark.



Apple.Inc is working on making its own chips for Mac computers in 2020.


Apple is developing its own chips for Mac and it is estimated to be out in early 2020. The project with a code name Kalamata seems to be the one which will make all the Apple devices work together seamlessly, is still in its early development stages. It is just an initiative to a lot that has to come in future.

Well, if we talk about the transition, it will surely profit Apple but it will be a blow for Intel. Intel is already in a critical situation as its shares have dropped to 9.2 percent and further, they were down 6.4 percent at $48.75

With all this, Apple’s shift could worsen the situation. Intel said, “We don’t comment on speculation about our customers.”

This change will either make Apple a standout or will leave distorted. Intel chips are one of the crucial processor components used in all the Apple devices. As of now, all of the products, be it Apple Watches, Apple TVs, iPads or iPhones have the main processor which is designed by Apple with a technology from Arm Holdings Plc.

Once Apple succeeds in making its own chips, then it would not rely on any of the companies to release its products. The company would be able to decide the timeline as per their preferences.

Shannon Cross, an analyst at Cross Research said, “We think that Apple is looking at ways to further integrate their hardware and software platforms, and they’ve clearly made some moves in this space, trying to integrate iOS and macOS. It makes sense that they’re going in this direction. If you look at incremental R&D spend, it’s gone into ways to try to vertically integrate their components so they can add more functionality for competitive differentiation.”

So, the shift will definitely be a good thing for Apple, Intel shares might go down further as a big brand will not be with it.


The change could help Apple bring innovation and new features to take the competition to next level. With its own chips, Apple will be the biggest computer making companies and it will also not depend on other companies for components.

Another benefit, Apple would be able to integrate new hardware and software more tightly, which could result in enhanced performance and better battery life.

This transition will imply on hardware from early 2020 but the changes in software to assimilate with it will start before that. As of now, Apple iPhones and iPad use custom chips with iOS and Mac has Intel chips with MacOS. Apple has been trying to incorporate user-facing features and most recent example is the introduction of new file management system.


Every little transition and change is part of a bigger plan. Here the bigger plan is to make Mac work more like iPhones. The new software platform code named Marzipan, on which Apple is working would release and allow users to run their iPhones and iPad applications on Mac.

It is not the first effort by Apple, earlier Apple launched Macs with ARM-based co-processors, which can run an iOS-like operating system, for certain functions such as security.

The recent MacBook Pro and iMac Pro have the co-processors. Apple has an intention to include that chip to the upcoming Mac Pro, which would launch by next year.

Until now Intel was the one which was ruling computing processors and it also designs modem chips for some iPhone models for connecting to cellular networks. Even if Apple stops to give business to Intel, it would not affect the chip making company to that extent. However, it could be a start of setting a trend to make its own components and other companies might follow it.

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This seems to be exciting to see the innovation and novelty but the tech giant also has to take care of the quality and capabilities of Mac. Therefore, it has a big responsibility to maintain the level. Looks like there is a fine line between success and failure.

ARM technology in computers is a challenging thing as it has not gained any success until now. Qualcomm working with the tech giant to make thin and light laptop, which seems to be another attempt to steal chipmaker’s share. Microsoft is seconding the step by its Windows operating system with ARM technology-based chips.

Intel supremacy is due to the ability to produce powerful processors but Apple is trying to bridge the gap and ready to give equal competition to the chipmaker.

Let’s see what is the future?

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