Know All About Opera’s Built-In Crypto Wallet

Know All About Opera’s Built-In Crypto Wallet


In this digital world, it’s very important to stay updated, then be it in any way, be it mobile update, security patches or an app update.

Similarly, for crypto lovers, they need to stay up-to-date, so that they can execute trades in a timely manner and can make some profit out of it.

So, to not waste their time and money, major web browser firm Opera has launched built-in crypto wallets for their users and crypto investors. This allows them to directly operate their wallets through their browser and store their currency.

Opera launched this browser built-in crypto wallet for mobile users in July this year. And recently, opera has also released its beta version of Opera browser crypto wallet on desktop as well. Well, this is the first time that any browser has done this. But, question to ask is, why should crypto traders use this platform instead of others? What is Opera featuring in it?

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So, without a further ado, let’s take a look at some of the features of Opera’s built-in crypto wallet, and how is it distinct from other wallets.

Opera’s Crypto Wallet

Let’s take a look at world’s first web browser integrated crypto wallet and its features:

1. Amalgamation of Cryptocurrencies & Web 3.0

 Opera is working on to bridge the gap by building apps, which use cryptocurrencies, to create more decentralized networks. However, there are many barriers and restrictions in between like whether user will understand new terminology or not, or installation procedure. By combining Web 3.0, Opera will make technology and crypto wallets more mainstream.

2. Crypto Wallet Functionality

Crypto Wallet Functionality

To make the most of Web 3.0, Opera took Chromium based web browser with all its functionalities, standard compliant, and integrated crypto wallet functionality in it. This is done so that user has no need to exit the app for accessing Dapps, instead they can access Dapps directly from the browser, with crypto wallet that supports Ethereum Web 3.0 API, making it easy for users to access Dapps.

3. Pay Online with Cryptocurrencies Using Opera

Pay Online with Cryptocurrencies Using Opera

With add-on to sending and transferring money from wallet to wallet and Dapps, Opera also allows support for online payments with cryptocurrencies, but only where merchants support the same. While paying, it will ask crypto traders for signature, following to which payment will directly be transferred from the browser.

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4. More Precautions with User’s Privacy

More Precautions with User’s Privacy

Well, Opera has put its special attention to user’s privacy. And for this, they have made it clear that it’s a user-controlled wallet, where keys related to funds and transfers will only be present on user’s device and nowhere else. Opera will ask for user’s permission for every web site, which requests wallet information. This is just like giving permission to device in case of geo-location or camera.

5. Dapps Explorer

Opera has also added functionality to its crypto wallet and that is Dapp Explorer to help users explore Dapps.

6. Support for Tokens & Collectibles

Support for Tokens & Collectibles

Tokens and collectibles are unique digital assets, which you can own. So, for this, Opera has also developed a support for tokens and collectibles. And in future Opera will also be supporting Ethereum based tokens.

Just so that you know, Opera recently has released Labs version of Opera desktop browser, which will help users to access Ethereum Dapps & Web 3.0, without the need of any extension or setup. The beta version of Opera Labs is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

So, if you are crypto trader or crypto investor, make sure you make the most out of Opera browser, as this is the one-stop shop by Opera, where you can access Dapps, which supports tokens and collectibles, and is integrated with Ethereum Web 3.0 API.

If you found this helpful, please let us know. You can also drop your feedback in the comment section below.

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