Living In the Future: Smart Cities on the Block

Living In the Future: Smart Cities on the Block


Smart City: A Dream of our Future Home

When we mention smart cities, the very first image to come in our mind certainly has to be the one from Jetsons. George Jetson and his family lived in futuristic skypad apartments in Orbit City. Their astro-car folded into a briefcase! If that wasn’t awesome enough, RUDY, the Jetson patriarch’s office computer and his best friend totally stole the show. The space colonization in the series made us wish for similar accesses in our future cities.


Future cities or Smart Cities are now becoming a reality. No, not in the manner depicted in the show with escalator-enabled footpaths and hovering buildings. The interconnection of our Digital Identity along with the city’s infrastructure, governing bodies, medical facilities and monetization etc. is the base of making a City Smart. This can be achieved with Blockchain.

Benefits of Blockchain Implementation In Urban Planning

The population over-explosion in urban cities may make this vision seem unachievable. But, cryptography based technology, Blockchain comes to our aid. The vast amount of data that can be stored on decentralized blocks is incomparable. It can also provide the following:

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  • Greater transparency of government policies and involved red tape.
  • Increased security of all citizens.
  • Quick transactions & low costs, which leads to a boosted economy.
  • Reliable database of identities including educational degrees & medical records.

Challenges Ahead

Many join the bandwagon and crow about the awesomeness that is Blockchain. It would be unfair to turn a blind eye to the drawbacks involved in the path of its implementation. Governing bodies and Technological companies are trying their level best to overcome any hurdles involved.

  • Lack of Awareness: there is sad lack of awareness of this technology in many areas of the world. A lot of man hours and capital is going to be involved in bringing everyone together to be part of this venture.
  • Capital for investment: to set up an entire city and all the businesses in it, is an immense task. The capital involved is equally massive.
  • Security and Privacy: while blocks are secure and tamper-proof, there remain a few loopholes. Companies are now focused on preventing any form of individual data leak while it is accessed from hospitals or public places.

 A Ray of Hope

With the positive and negative aspects in mind, there are a few countries and economies which are already set on a path to creating the future Smart City. A few of them are:

  • Dubai:
    dubaiDubai is known to many as the trading capital of the middle-east. While this stands true, it is also the part of the most rapidly developing country in the world, United Arab Emirates. A collaboration between the Smart Dubai Office and the Dubai Future Foundation, it aims at making Dubai ‘the happiest city on earth’. A dream they claim is possible by giving its citizens more time for family and themselves with implementation of blockchain technology. Centralized visa processing, bill payments, license renewals, transferring of remittance are some of the documentation requiring processes which shall be transferred onto a digital platform resulting in more personal time. Smart Dubai 2021. Remember the date folks!
  • Singapore:
    An island City-State of Malaysia, Singapore seems to be going the ‘Big Brother’ route while transforming itself into a smart city of the future. Multiple cameras at every junction, nook and cranny, capture citizens onto a block with all their information at the government official’s disposal. The government claims that the cameras and sensors all over the city aims at capturing the smog pollution level, the crowd density at any given area and advance security for all their citizens. The two opinions seem to be at odds with each other. Irrespective, Singapore has collaborated with IBM to create a platform for further trading in cryptocurrency and transfer all business operations onto blockchain.

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London, Toronto, Melbourne and many Indian cities aim to earn the laurel of being a smart city. We hope this unique merger benefits all and increases profitability and security while decreasing costs for the public. Let’s JETset into the future!

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