Mac vs Windows - 10 Reasons Why Mac is Better and Faster than Windows

Mac vs Windows – 10 Reasons Why Mac is Better and Faster than Windows

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Being able to perform several tasks ranging from documentation to video editing and 3d modeling, Windows is a jack of all trades but master of none. It means that certain programs that use a lot of RAM do not function as smoothly due to its memory allocation. This is where the Mac comes in as a winner as its superior memory allocation makes it quite impervious to problems such as lags and software crashes. We could go on and on about various aspects of Mac Vs Windows, but let us look at some of the most commonly performed tasks on computers that Mac does much better than Windows.

  • Easy Backup

Backing your data up is a major pain that most windows users often avoid, as it puts additional load on the RAM and is immensely slow. On a Mac however, it is incredibly easy by using their amazing time machine backup. Time machine backup can be set to perform hourly backups with various versions of your files. However, Windows users can also perform an easy backup of their data through Systweak Right Backup. Right Backup stores the data on a cloud that can be restored to any device or platform.

  • Easy Migration

You want to migrate all your personalized windows settings and applications to another machine? You better be a computer expert to even try it. Thankfully Mac shows incredible versatility when it comes to system migration. You could use the abovementioned Time Machine Backup or Carbon Copy Cloner that would mirror all your settings and applications to another computer.

  • Installing Software

Do not get us even started on the list of compatibility problems when it comes to installing software and programs on windows. You need to download a specific .exe file to install any software on windows before you can install and use it. On the other hand, installing a program on Mac is as simple as installing an add-on for your browser. Just go to the Mac app store and choose the application you need and click on get it to download and install.

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  • Uninstalling Programs/Software

Uninstalling a program is blindingly fast on Mac as compared to Windows. Just go to apps folder and trash the desired app to uninstall. Unlike a windows pc where doing the same thing will simply delete the program’s shortcut. Not a lot of

  • Managing Media Library

Tired of mismanaged and haywire media folders? Windows users would require several tools and software to keep their media files such as music, videos and photos properly organized. On the other hand, Mac’s inbuilt applications such as iTunes and Apple Photo app alongside iCloud Photo Library can do the same automatically as per user preferences. Nevertheless, windows users can also use tools such as Duplicate Music Fixer and Duplicate Photos Fixer to organize your music and photo library.

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  • Easy File Viewing

Viewing files of various formats can be a problem with windows and you require special software to open or view certain file types. Mac makes this extremely convenient through their quick look function. Simply select a file and hit space to get a quick look at its contents whether it’s an image, video, audio or document.

  • Documenting Web Content

Doing the old copy and paste might be the way to go for windows users whenever taking down information from the internet. But Mac users create PDF documents for any webpage with a single click. When visiting a webpage, go to file and navigate to the Print dialogue box. Click on the PDF button and save the complete webpage with active links and images in a PDF document.

  • Installing Windows

We’re sure you might have installed and re-installed windows several times on your PC. But have you ever tried installing it on Mac? Yes, Windows for Mac is a real thing and it works in a sandboxed environment inside Mac’s existing OS. It is hard to believe but installing Windows on a Mac is much faster than it is on a windows computer.

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  • Easy Networking

Not many of you readers might relate to this, but connecting to the internet is extremely hard on windows computer. This is more of a hardware related problem than being a problem with the operating system itself. Nevertheless, Mac drivers and software along with their 2×2 MIMO boards make networking extremely easy and smooth on a Mac.

We’re not Microsoft haters or Apple supporters when we say there are things that Mac does much better than Windows. But any level-headed computer user/professional would know that there are some differences that make Mac a much better platform for certain tasks than windows. Windows Vs Mac is certainly a debatable topic that is subject to controversy. Windows gets all the points for being highly versatile and well marketed operating system, with high number of worldwide users. However, it’s versatility and compatibility is also its curse that makes it a really bad machine for tasks involving high detail.

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