Malware & Heists: Blockchain Tech is under ATTACK!

Malware & Heists: Blockchain Tech is under ATTACK!


Cryptocurrency has come a long way in the last few months. The boom in its popularity has made it a mainstream feature for many. It is because of this acceptance, that the number of miners of multiple cryptocurrencies has increased. While this is a great news for the future of decentralized economy, the present seems to be paying the cost. As there are many hackers who are hell bent on either encrypting sites with malware or outright stealing servers just to earn a selfish profit.

Crypto Jacking : Grotesques Villianus (Very bad villains!)

As previously mentioned in a blog on Cryptojacking via a plugin from Google Chrome, it seems that the crypto hackers have gotten more bold and daring. In a shocking turn of events in India, it was reported on various media channels that the main site of Mr Ravi Shankar Prasad, was hacked to mine Monero via the visitor’s PC without their consent. It needs to be established that Mr. Prasad is not only the Law and Justice Minister of India but also the Information Technology Minister. His profile is enough to gather millions of visitors on his page. One can only imagine the amount of Monero that was mined via this process. Upon discovery, the site has been temporarily shut down.

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In similar news, an even bigger web of crypto jacking was discovered. Now being termed as an epidemic of enormous proportions, 50,000 sites are said to have been surreptitiously infected with crypto-jacking scripts. Majority of said sites are working on WordPress.

Coinhive, surprisingly continues to be the most widespread crypto-jacking script. It alone accounts for close to 40,000 infected websites. This compromises our security and even opens doors for digital identity theft.

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Server Thieves:  Carpe Jugulum (Go for the Throat!)

Another related instance has shocked the cryptocurrency mining community. In remote Iceland, home to many new, young crypto enthusiasts, there have been numerous reports of crypto mining server heists.

You read that right. Thieves walked in and stole whole servers! 600 of them!

This entire exercise screams of a grand plot that is being orchestrated by the most evil of all villains. Reykjavik police had managed to keep this news under wraps for a long time, but as more details spill in, it turns out to be an insider job as the first of 3 heists happened way back in December 2017 and then the pattern repeated with the most recent one occurring in January 2018.

The only lead that the local police have is interrogating 11 of the suspects that they have detained. With servers being made out of compiled hardware pieces to increase it mining capacities, it becomes equally easy to disassemble them. For all we know, the servers may have been broken down in parts that may or may not be used in the very offices of the Reykjavik police.


Even though Blockchain and Cryptocurrency might not be perfect yet, such instances put into doldrums the entire future of this decentralized technology. The need of the hour is a hero to vanquish all these foes. The most urgent of which is a malware protector that protects your data that resides in your PC by not allowing outside attacks to manipulate it. Similarly, we urge readers to protect their servers with additional security. Constantus Vigilenus!

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