Newsletter: Cryptocurrency Mining Chips For Samsung & What Does World Want, Robot Or No Robot?

Newsletter: Cryptocurrency Mining Chips For Samsung & What Does World Want, Robot Or No Robot?



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Samsung Electronics, the tech giant is all set to enter the mining business.


With everyone rushing towards the flow of cryptography, Samsung has also decided to give in to trends. The Korea electronics giant has signed a deal with a Chinese bitcoin mining hardware maker to supply it with chips, and said to have started the production on a huge scale in January.

According to sources, Samsung is done with the process of development of Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) semiconductor. One of the Samsung Electronics representatives said, ““We are in the middle of a foundry business that is being supplied to a virtual money mining company in China. Since Samsung has just begun its cryptocurrency mining venture, it is unsure of the revenues it can generate from it.”

Samsung might be a dark horse in this race but it has planned all the things for a long game. It will not only take profit from bitcoin ASIC mining but also from GPU-based cryptocurrency mining. Smart move isn’t it!

The tech giant has started the production of a new kind of DRAM for a graphics card at a vast scale, which is claimed to be appropriate for cryptocurrency mining. The 10-nanometer 16Gb GDDR6 DRAM which is in production is two times faster as commonly used GDDR5 DRAM and also enhance the power efficiency by 35 percent and more, which results in considerable amount of profit for GPU for cryptocurrency mining.

Given the plans that Samsung has, it is safe to presume that it might introduce new designs to ease up the process.


This is not the first company to jump on the Bitcoin bandwagon. There are other hardware manufacturers such as Bitmain who has been flourishing in the business. Well, Samsung’s entry might make the hardware manufacturers a hard time and will make them think about their strategies once.

Given the prediction of the world’s largest semiconductor foundry, TSMC, the industry is going to flourish further. This means, there could be more companies jumping in the pool.



The confusion of making our world a robot-friendly environment or not, has encircled once again.


The Robots taking over the world might be a bit of your concern as it is not going to happen in near future. Though, on the contrary, it could be possible. Confused! You ought to be.

Well, you might be familiar with Fabio, the Robot, which was appointed in Scottish supermarket chain Margiotta. It was a part of an experiment conducted by Heriot-Watt University for the BBC series Six Robots and Us. Fabio was fired last week.

The robot was programmed to greet customers and point them to the items in the Edinburgh store. Initially his greetings like  “Hello, gorgeous,” high-fives, and jokes” were liked. It used to offer hugs as well, which got mixed reactions. Soon, people realized that it is not a priced asset which could enhance shopping experience as Fabio had issues and was not able to navigate customers to the respective aisles. Moreover, it sometimes did have trouble understanding the questions due to background noise, which is common in shopping areas.

It was also not able to provide appropriate answers to the customers with the queries say if it was asked, where they could find cheese or butter, then the answer would be in the fridges, which is frustrating. At first, it was demoted and was provided with the work of distributing samples. The robot was not able to perform there as well. Eventually, people started ignoring and there ended the Robot’s journey. Last week, it was packed and sent to the Heriot-Watt University.

Back to the question, Fabio seems to be an example of people not ready to accept them in their daily lives but latest attempt by Hiroshi Ishiguro, the director of the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory at Osaka University, proves that this is not the last.

Erica, a human-looking robot will soon make her debut as a newsreader in coming April. Well, details related to it are still unknown. The robot creator told a paper that it is his goal to provide the robot  with “independent consciousness.”

“She is the most beautiful and most human-like autonomous android in this world. Erica is very excited to interact with people.I think she is very interested in learning about the outside world.”Hiroshi Ishiguro said, “I think socially I am like a person. I think humans have a deep need to feel they have a special place in the universe, they cannot accept they are no different to animals or machines, ” Erica said.  There are flaws in it as of now as it can’t recognize where the voice is coming from. She can’t move her legs or arms as well.


This makes us feel that people are not really ready to accept robots navigating them through aisles and distributing samples just yet. People prefer living and breathing humans to have a conversation with rather than a robot.

Well, these flaws in Erica and the response given by people to Fabio, and the fact that people are still not able to accept that a robot can be helpful over a human, can turn the excitement down.

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