Newsletter: Cyber Monday Sale & FBI Fails To Alert US Targets Of Russian Hackers

Newsletter: Cyber Monday Sale & FBI Fails To Alert US Targets Of Russian Hackers

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Cyber Monday is here !


On November 28, 2005, the term Cyber Monday was coined. It is a marketing term for the Monday that comes after the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. It was originated to encourage people to shop online. Ellen Davis, Scott Silverman came up with the concept. It became one of the biggest online shopping days of the year. 77% of the online retailers’ reported that the sales percentage got increased on Monday after Thanksgiving in 2005. With the grown popularity of the Cyber Monday, the day is equally popular to Black Friday in terms of online shopping and huge discounts.


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FBI already knew that Russian hackers were a threat to US officials but failed to inform US officials.


According to the latest report by The Associated Press(AP), FBI hid the information that Russian Cyber criminals were targeting US officials’ computers for a year. FBI had evidence to support the theory that the officials were targeted by the Kremlin-linked hacking entity known as Fancy Bear.

FBI spokesperson told the AP, “The FBI routinely notifies individuals and organizations of potential threat information”. The AP also confirmed that the Fancy Bear operation was linked to DCLeaks, one of the websites that published emails of Democratic party officials at the time of 2016 election.

The targets were mainly the retired officials, that’s why FBI didn’t bother to alert them as they thought it is not important from the nation’s perspective. However, some of these hacked accounts belonged to people who had classified information during their time of service, and the information in the accounts could pose a risk to reveal the weak points of other victims.

Retired Gen. Norton Schwartz told the AP, “Perhaps optimistically, I have to conclude that a risk analysis was done and I was not considered a high enough risk to justify making contact.”

This revelation has piqued Washington’s interest when they came to know Russian Government was involved in penetrating US computer networks and exploited social media platforms to intrude the US 2016 election. Now government investigators are inspecting if there was an influence of Russian Government on the electorate and also whether the President Donald Trump or any other official working with him has anything to do with it.

The negligence of not investigating the matter was not taken well and a former office of the director of National Intelligence senior administrator Charles Sowell stated, ““It’s absolutely not OK for them to use an excuse that there’s too much data,” “Would that hold water if there were a serial killer investigation, and people were calling in tips left and right, and they were holding up their hands and saying, ‘It’s too much’? That’s ridiculous.”


Fancy Bear is recognized by many names including  APT28, Pawn Storm. It is a cyber espionage firm and is said to be associated with  Russian military intelligence agency GRU. The name “Fancy Bear” was procured from a coding system that security researcher Dmitri Alperovitch uses to recognize hackers. Fancy Bear tried to infiltrate the email system through messages with malicious links in it which had the potential to recover account information from the victims.

An analysis of data provided by cybersecurity firm SecureWorks was conducted by AP and it showed, “out of 312 U.S. military and government figures targeted by Fancy Bear, 131 clicked the links sent to them.”

All these efforts were made at the time of 2016 election. Hackers associated with Kremlin tried to attempt to break into election systems in many states. These cyber criminals also inundated the social media platform like Twitter, Google, and Facebook with wrong information. All of this indicates as if these were the efforts to help Donald Trump with the election. However, the extent of involvement of the President is still unknown.

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