Newsletter: Google launches “Gmail Go” app & new iOS bug is crashing iPhone

Newsletter: Google Launches “Gmail Go” App & New iOS Bug is Crashing iPhone


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The Story

Google unveiled a new app called Gmail Go that is a faster and lighter version of the regular Gmail app. Gmail Go offers a “smarter inbox” feature that organizes emails. The app is now available for download on Android Go devices from Google Play.

What Are the Features of Google’s Gmail Go App?

This app is a noteworthy addition to Google’s “Go” edition apps that takes up less space and uses mobile data efficiently for Gmail in smartphones. Also, the app has standard Gmail features like push notifications for new messages, conversation view, multiple account support and attachment services. Users can use both apps i.e. Gmail and Gmail Go side-by-side.

Like Gmail, messages from friends and family are given priority, while promotional and social emails are catalogued in different tabs. Further, Gmail Go isn’t accessible to all Android devices, only at Android 8.1 Oreo Go edition gadgets. Overall, there are few differences between Gmail and Gmail Go app in terms of features.

What is the future of Google’s Go edition apps?

The growing trend of high-definition videos and images exhausts most of the data plans. Also, downloading consumes most of the smartphone space leading to storage problems. The Google’s Go edition apps are aiming to reduce such noises for uninterrupted flow of information in smartphones or other devices.

For now, Google’s “Go” edition apps are primarily focusing on launching lightweight apps designed for developing markets. Gmail Go is the latest addition to this list of Go edition apps. Other apps of google includes Files Go, Google Maps Go, YouTube Go, Google Go, Google and Assistant Go. Just like earlier Google Go apps, Gmail Go is for lower-end smartphones and for restricted data plans.


The Story

A latest bug has been detected in iOS 11 which is letting hackers to send a set of specific character that will crash an iPhone. It is restricting access to the Messages app in iOS and prevalent apps like Outlook for iOS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Gmail.

How does this bug work?

The bug is received in the form of text messages, written in an Indian language (Telugu) character. As soon as Apple’s iOS Springboard receives the infected information, the device crashes. Messages in the iPhone will no longer open because the app starts deciphering the message. Eventually, it does not load the character and get stuck.

The only way to regain access to your iMessages is to ask your friend to send you a text and then try to erase the thread that included bad characters.

How is it affecting other social media apps?

The bug was tested on social media apps as well as some third-party apps. It appears that apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Gmail, and Outlook for iOS became disabled once a message was received. It would be tricky to fix and remove the corrupted message for apps like WhatsApp, unless you have enabled web access. The public beta version of iOS 11.3 stayed unaffected along with Skype and Telegram.

How to troubleshoot this problem?

Apple is planning to fix the problem in next iOS update and most probably, before the release of iOS 11.3. Till then, if you want to avoid texts with the character string, just disable notifications for Messages in your iPhone by tapping Settings > Notifications > Messages >disable Allow Notifications. Once Apple announces an update to fix the issue, you can safely enable Messages Notifications.

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