NordVPN VS Private Internet Access: Which Is Better?

NordVPN Vs Private Internet Access: Which Is Better?


Both NordVPN and Private Internet Access (PIA) are equally famous VPN service providers and have a considerably large user base. Both have an edge in the online security solutions sector, and both offer various similar features and perks.

Both VPN service providers provide browser proxy extensions, have DNS leak protection measures, an automatic kill switch, and added protection to prevent malware infections. Besides, both follow a no-logging policy. They do not log user data and eradicate any tracked users’ chances while using a VPN (though it’s subjected to certain criteria).

However, when it comes to a subjective comparison, one is always better than the other, at least in some aspects. Which one of the two is better? Let’s find out.

Criteria of Comparison

The comparison between NordVPN and Private Internet Access is based on comparing their features, the quality of connection they offer, their ad-blocking competencies, and their privacy and no-logging policies. We’ll also discuss where these VPN service providers match and what additional features they have to offer.

NordVPN Vs Private Internet Access

1. Onion Routing

NordVPN Vs Private Internet Access

It is an encrypting network connection technique, where the communication channel is encrypted, and the data is routed over different regions. For each reason, a layer or data is decrypted and reaches the destination.

It is a concept that is supported by browsers like Tor; however, it’s also essential that the VPN you use also helps the same else the browsing session goes null. Both NordVPN and Private Internet Access supports onion routing and allows the use of the Tor browser. NordVPN has certain servers supporting such browsing sessions, which gives it an edge against Private Internet Access and makes it more private and secure.

2. Ad-Blockers


Ad-blocking is something that both NordVPN and Private Internet Access supports without asking users to install any extension separately. In NordVPN, the feature is labeled as CyberSec, while in Private internet Access, it’s labeled MACE.

Both features block advertisements on browsing sessions and filter malicious sites while browsing with an activated VPN in the background.

3. Data Encryption Variability

Data Encryption Variability

Data encryption is one of the two most useful VPN services (the other being geo-spoofing). In most VPN services, there is AES-256 encryption to prevent hackers from peeping into your network. But there are encryption settings that might result in data purloining.

In both NordVPN and Private Internet Access, there is variability in setting up data encryption. Users can choose to completely opt-out of encryption for fast connections, though neither service provider suggests so.

Double Encryption Features: Nord Has A Unique Feature

Double Encryption Features
Image Source: NordVPN

There is just one unique feature that Nord has, and Private Internet Access does not. NordVPN offers a Double Encryption over the communication network set up between the browser and site servers. In a VPN, the data signals are first passed through one VPN server and then to the site server. But NordVPN gives that data through a second VPN server, thus making the connection more rigid against potential breaches and improving the privacy of the made connection.

No Logs Policy: Does any of Two Keep User Logs?

No Logs Policy means that the concerned VPN service provider will never record user data, including personal details and browsing activity. A no-logs policy accounts for safe VPN usage; however, the no-logs policy is not always what it seems.

Does any of Two Keep User Logs
Image Source: Comparitech

There are a few countries with strict data retention laws, where law enforcement authorities can claim records of user activities if there’s suspected illicit online activity in question.

In this scenario, NordVPN has the upper hand. The country of jurisdiction for NordVPN is Panama, which makes it robust to law enforcement interference in its services. However, Private Internet Access is registered in the USA, and therefore, the developers have no option but to release data if asked by legal authorities.

Pricing Policies

Pricing for both NordVPN and Private Internet Access is almost the same, and there’s not much to save even if you get the cheaper one. Here’s how both VPN services are priced:

  • NordVPN: $3.49 per month || 30-days Money-back Guarantee
  • Private Internet Access: $3.33 per month || 7-days Money-back Guarantee

The deal with NordVPN looks much better here. It’s indeed comparatively expensive, but Private Internet Access won’t even save @$2 per year for you. Plus, NordVPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, it’s a bit of an issue that none of the two VPN service providers have a free trial.

Server Coverage

Server Coverage

Server Coverage accounts for the number of servers VPN can offer access to and the number of countries/regions these servers are in, which improves the geo-spoofing feature of a VPN. This is something a user must look out for when choosing the right VPN.

  • NordVPN: 5700+ Servers || 62 Countries
  • Private Internet Access: 3390+ Servers || 32 Countries

Again, NordVPN has more servers in more countries, making it a better choice for a VPN service in comparison to Private Internet Access

Multiple Connections

The same user account can set up to ten different devices with an encrypted connection under the security and privacy of Private Internet Access.

NordVPN only allows up to six simultaneous connections, thus making Private Internet Access a more feasible option regarding this aspect.

Streaming Content

Streaming Content

This is where NordVPN takes away all the points. Private Internet Access does not allow streaming video streaming over platforms like Netflix with geo-spoofing. Streaming content is one of the most common user intent that persuades them to use VPN on their personal computers, and unfortunately, Private Internet Access does not fulfil these criteria.


When comparing NordVPN and Private Internet Access, it’s clear that the winner is NordVPN. It has more servers. It has double encryption. It can route data through different locations via onion routing, and it allows streaming content with geo-restriction on the home network on streaming platforms.

So, if you are in a dilemma in choosing between these two VPN service providers, NordVPN is a clear choice.

Get Nord VPN

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