RAI Blocks Relaunches Itself as NANO

RAI Blocks Relaunches Itself as NANO


One of the most important thing for any brand, is to create a name that no one forgets. But what happens when the same brand enters the market and makes a profit and then decides to change its name? Chaos. That’s what we would potentially have in our hands.

Following a path towards change is Rai Blocks, that has revamped itself and relaunched as NANO. It has shattered norm wherein a fundamentally monumental change like this could have spelled chaos for all the users and investors. What we have witnessed in the last couple of days was a smooth and easy transition. The account holders are happy, the investors are happy and the best part, the currency is soaring in its values. This has been made possible because Rai Blocks was started with the philosophy, ‘Do one thing and do it right’. This cornerstone has made way for amazing features that are instilled in NANO.

Rai Blocks / NANO = Potato Potatoes

The shift from Rai Blocks to NANO couldn’t have come at a better time. As the market resurfaces from the rollercoaster that was December and January, NANO shall definitely make its mark felt with new investors who are in for the long run. The HODL Gang is also the catalyst behind the name change. There was much debate on the pronunciation of Rai as ‘REI’ or ‘Ray’. In the end, the core team decided to change the name altogether on the most important key feature of this cryptocurrency. NANO speed is showcased in the following:

  • has no fees
  • handles highest number of TPS
  • instant transactions
  • no mining
  • no scalability issues

The feather on the cap during this transaction time is that all the wallets shall retain their XRB_ start. They shall gradually be converted to NANO_ to avoid any instances of mistakes. If one has Hodl 10 XRB, they now Hodl 10 Nano. No change, nothing one needs to do. In Fact, they have also started beta testing NANO dApps ( Decentralized Applications) for the Mobile iOS wallet and desktop wallet.

NANO : A Grade Above The Rest

NANO has introduced itself with a bang. They have used the momentum of Rai Blocks and launched themselves by getting listed on one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchange OKEX. This has propelled them to the level of the big players such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and even Ripple or Tron. This coup has not gone unnoticed and has resulted in soaring values of NANO.

With this momentum, there is every possibility of NANO becoming a favorite of the small time investors who want to trade and make a profit without worrying about the transactions fees or the extended transaction times.

This leaves just one problem. What the hell am I supposed to wear to work on Fridays now that RaiBlocks is NANO?


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