Newsletter: Ransomware Attack In Atlanta & Snap Map Will Now Act As Newsfeed

Newsletter: Ransomware Attack In Atlanta & Snap Map Will Now Act As Newsfeed



“We no longer think of chairs as technology; we just think of them as chairs. But there was a time when we hadn’t worked out how many legs chairs should have, how tall they should be, and they would often ‘crash’ when we tried to use them.” ~ Douglas Adams



Another ransomware attack is witnessed by the world and this time the victim is Atlanta. The attack has effectively shut down the city’s computing network.


Ransomware has been on and off victimizing people and making us realize how vulnerable we are in front of technology. This part of technology may make us regret all the inventions ever made. Latest hit is Atlanta and the effect of the attack is massive. The intensity can be judged by the fact that all the computer networks are shut down to avoid the further spread.

In a conference held by Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, the attack was described as, “outages in various internal and external customer-facing applications,” including payment systems and court-related systems.” The mayor further added that they are working with Homeland Security, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and external partners, such as Cisco Systems Inc.,  and Microsoft Corp. to resolve the crisis.

The Mayor has urged people of the city to take the proactive measures to protect their data.

The actual situation has not been disclosed until now but it is known as it is on large scale. According to a screenshot shared by a local media, a demand for a payment of $6,800 in bitcoin was made to unlock each computer or $51,000 to provide all the keys for affected systems.

According to Rob Tate, a security researcher at WhiteHat Security Inc. said that Ransomware is now the new phishing attack, discarding the old method of disguising an ally to get into systems which fancies them.

Tate further said, “It’s a quick and easy win for bad guys that more than likely haven’t even breached your network. But the threat of bad press, reputation damage, and fleeing customers is enough to incentivize companies to pay the ransom. This has caused a huge spike in ransomware threats. The bad guys aren’t dumb. They realize that there are this paranoia and fear, so it’s really easy to send an email saying ‘Send me 10 bitcoins/dollars or else,’ and inevitably, a few will actually cough up.”


It is definitely another wake-up call for the world and the message delivered is sound and sturdy that we need to be more than careful before letting anything from the outer world on to our computer.

Since the beginning of  2017, the world has been witnessing ransomware attacks one after other. Every time, the intensity of the attack has left has in the state of shock. However, the lesson that’s needed to be learned has not been received well.

No matter how smart we have become and how careful we are, the bad guys are always one step ahead of us. Therefore, we need to either work on being careful and use all the preventive methods to keep the bad guys away or go native.

You can always use a third party software to protect your computer from all the malicious content. One of the best tools for this task is Ransomware Protector by Systweak, which can safeguard your precious data on your computer, so it stays protected from data hijackers.



Snapchat’s map-based feature Snap Map will focus on News.


snapchat new feature

Lately, Snapchat has been facing the competition by other social media platforms but it is trying to stay in the competition by releasing new features now and then.

Last year, it came up with Snap Map, the map-based feature. Now, a new feature named as Map Explore will let you explore what are your friends doing on Snap Map. All you need to do is to tap on ‘New Updates’ to get started.

The updates on Explore will come up when your friends visit a new place or take a road trip and for other reasons such as going to attend a Miley Cyrus Concert or any other festival or visiting Eiffel Tower or Empire State Building or any other landmark. To start the conversation, you just need to tap once. Moreover, you will get other updates as well such as trending events, breaking news and more.

However, there is a condition. Snapchat will only be able to show you updates on Explore for the people who have given permission to share their location with you on Snap Map.

To share your location on Snap Map, you have to opt-in. In case, you have not used Snap Map ever, you are in Ghost Mode, and your friends can’t see your location.

Explore Map will be coming in next few weeks to SnapChat users.


It is a good way to keep tabs on your friends and also on news and trending events of place they are visiting or traveling. Map Explore consolidates some more common UI elements and notifications to grab Snapchat users attention to things which otherwise will be overlooked.

According to Snapchat, the most interesting part is that the feature will be used to give breaking news updates or push updates to its users related to those areas of the Snapmap that are seeing a lot of traffic tied to news events.

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