Newsletter_ Samsung Galaxy S 10 Ditch’s Iris Scanner And Google’s Podcasts App Gets ‘Trim Silence’ Option

Newsletter_ Samsung Galaxy S 10 Ditch’s Iris Scanner And Google’s Podcasts App Gets ‘Trim Silence’ Option



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In-Display Fingerprint Sensor Replaces Iris Scanner Out


What is the hype about?

After foldable displays, no one would have thought of an in-display fingerprint scanner a.k.a. fingerprint on display (FOD). But the South Korean tech giant is considering adding in-display fingerprint reader as an alternate authentication method.

What is the reason?

When compared with two biometric features, Iris scanning is determined to be redundant. Therefore, soon Samsung will come with this new feature in Galaxy S10. Also, as Samsung hasn’t yet ordered a sample Iris scanner for Galaxy S10 this rumor seems to be more or less confirmed.

What are other new features?

Samsung S10 will be 10th iteration in the Galaxy lineup and Samsung wants to make its mark. The new features added to S10 are triple rear camera, 3D sensor, notch less display and of course in-display fingerprint scanner.

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Google Podcasts Receives ‘Trim Silence’ Feature


What’s the news?

Finally, last week Google launched a standalone podcast app for Android. The latest version (v.8.9) of the app brings some new features to the podcast player. Currently the new features are available on the beta channel only. By coming week, it be making their way to the stable release of Google app 8.9

What are the new features added to the app?

The latest beta version of Google app, adds several new features to the player, including a new “waveform” icon in the status bar, instead of the old “Play button” icon, as well as useful “Trim silence” option, which allows users to get rid of any silence between podcasts and can be accessed by expanding the audio controls from the app.

What are the new features added to the app

Left: v8.1. Right: v8.2.

Another change that can be seen is the playback speed option that lets listeners choose from speeds between .5x and 2.0 x.

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On what all shows can this feature be used?

Both playback speed and “trim silence” can be used applied to all podcasts including online and downloaded. And the features can be used at the same time.

How will the new feature help users?

The new feature will help to remove gaps and pauses from the episodes resulting in a shortened episode length. Users may face difficulty in looking for the option, as it is hidden under audio controls. This setting will be available for all podcasts, irrespective of how they are online or are downloaded.

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