Samsung Galaxy S10 May Be One Of The First Wi-Fi 6 Phones

Samsung Galaxy S10 May Be One Of The First Wi-Fi 6 Phones
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The South Korean tech giant is not far behind in launching its flagship Galaxy S10, which will be one of the first Wi-Fi 6 enabled devices to get a robust internet speed. According to regulatory filings from Samsung, it unveils three different models of the upcoming phones, which will come up with support for the new Wi-Fi standard, as spotted by Droid Life.

As the report reveals,

The FCC docs confirm Bluetooth LE, NFC, and MST (for Samsung Pay) too. They also confirm 802.11ax Wi-Fi, which is better known as Wi-Fi 6. That’s fantastic news if you want an ever better Wi-Fi experience (faster speeds, easier on battery life, more efficient networks, etc.).”

What does Wi-Fi 6 offer?

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It is important to know that the Wi-Fi 6 may not be able to uplift your internet experience in a swift. It is due to the fact that almost no one has a Wi-Fi 6 supporting routers, which is required to see a significant difference between the current and the improved version of Wi-Fi. Also, the Wi-Fi 6 would not be able to offer massive speed increase to individual devices. However, you can expect it to deliver its best to improve performance in homes or on Wi-Fi networks, where a lot of devices are connected (like printer, scanner or a smart home with cool wireless gadgets).

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What else can we expect from Galaxy S10?

Apart from the legendary Wi-Fi 6 support, you can expect three models from the Galaxy S10 via a standard S10, a bigger S10 Plus and an economical version S10 E. The Galaxy S10 is also said to be arriving with a Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 processor, which probably makes it one of the few phones to have this chip

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